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Infinidat Expands Collaboration With Veeam

To integrate InfiniBox and InfiniGuard solutions with Kasten K10 and Veeam Data Platform v12

Infinidat Ltd announced the expansion of its strategic collaboration with Veeam Software, Inc. and Kasten by Veeam.

Its InfiniBox and InfiniGuard solutions have been integrated with the Kasten K10 Kubernetes backup platform for container-based workloads. Concurrently, InfiniGuard is integrated with the new Veeam Data Platform, which includes Veeam Backup & Replication v12. Working tightly across the Veeam portfolio, Infinidat is positioned as an enterprise storage choice to complement Veeam solutions for end-to-end backup at scale.

Infinidat and Veeam work closely together to benefit enterprise customers and channel partners,” said Erik Kaulberg, VP, strategy and alliances, Infinidat. “Our integration with Kasten by Veeam for container-based workloads puts Infinidat at the center of the enterprise market’s ever-increasing use of containers, giving joint customers peace of mind as they move to large-scale production containers usage. And our new certification of InfiniGuard as Veeam Integrated, which builds on our previous certifications, expands our existing tight relationship with Veeam. Overall, our complementary products are ideal solutions for Veeam environments.

Announcement comprises the following:

  • Integration of Infinidat Solutions with Kasten K10 Kubernetes Backup: InfiniBox and InfiniGuard have been validated with Kasten K10 Kubernetes backup software as source and target devices to provide enterprise-grade Kubernetes data protection at scale. This product portfolio-led approach reinforces Infinidat’s commitment to Kubernetes, which is gaining more traction among enterprises. Kasten K10 provides enterprise teams a simple, scalable and secure system for backup/restore, DR and mobility of Kubernetes applications.
  • InfiniGuard is Veeam Integrated for Veeam Backup & Replication v12: With this certification, it is selectable as a de-dupe storage appliance directly from the Veeam console. While customers could use Infinidat solutions in the past, the process to set up InfiniGuard was manual and has been automated. This puts Infinidat in a small, select group of Veeam partners with this level of certified capability.
  • Expansion of Infinidat’s Veeam Certifications: The “Veeam Integrated” status of InfiniGuard increases Infinidat’s momentum in data protection, building on 2 other certifications that Infinidat has secured with Veeam. InfiniGuard was verified last year as Veeam Ready, which affirmed InfiniGuard as a strong and performant repository for Veeam customers. Earlier, InfiniBox was Veeam Integrated, providing Veeam the ability to trigger snapshots on InfiniBox, then backup from those snapshots. This is a critical function for backup because it offloads the impact of backup operations from production systems and minimizes end-user performance impact.

Empowering Enterprises to Use Containers at Scale
Kubernetes is an orchestration tool that helps developers manage containerized applications. Applications are run in isolated user spaces, called containers, representing a form of virtualization. As more companies transition from monoliths to microservices, there has been an increase in the use of container technologies.

According to the Cloud Native Computing Foundation’s Cloud Native Survey 2022, 44% of organizations are already using containers for almost all of their applications and business segments, while another 35% reported that containers are used for at least a few production applications. Over the next 12 months, 83% of organizations are expected to be using containers, reflecting the fast pace of the container backup market.

Infinidat has partnered with Kasten by Veeam to ensure that customers can leverage its storage at scale in all aspects of their Kubernetes environments. When paired with InfiniBox enterprise-grade primary storage and InfiniGuard secondary storage, users can expect reliable, scalable, and performing storage for stateful application workloads. InfiniGuard is an efficient, purpose-built secondary storage backup and recovery solution that provides data reduction, backup and HA − all without compromising on recovery speed.

Organizations globally are facing tremendous challenges keeping their data safe and protected across all environments,” said Tom Leyden, VP of product marketing, Kasten by Veeam. “To solve these issues, Infinidat has partnered with Veeam and Kasten by Veeam to deliver the best and most innovative modern data protection solutions. Together, we provide enterprises with powerful, trusted solutions that keep their businesses running.

At Virtual Data Corp. (VDC) we deliver high-quality, state-of-the-art, enterprise public or private cloud solutions, cloud backup, managed colocation, DR planning and other IT services for SMBs,” said Cole Thompson, president and CEO, Virtual Data Corp.Given that, it is essential that our partners deliver the utmost in enterprise-grade solutions. By working with Infinidat, Veeam, and Kasten by Veeam, we can deliver unparalleled enterprise modern data protection and cyber storage resilience solutions for our customers. Infinidat and Veeam provide exactly what we need to keep our customers’ primary, secondary, and backup data always available, reliable, and secure.

Today’s enterprises expect the best in modern data protection and cyber storage resilience,” said Stan Wysocki, president, Mark III Systems. “By combining Infinidat solutions with Veeam and Kasten by Veeam, we can deliver unmatched solutions to meet those data protection and cyber resilience needs in our customers’ virtualized and container environments. Coupled with Infinidat’s cyber storage resilience guarantees, the match of Infinidat and Veeam is top-of-the-line.

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