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Data under Management Growing by 243% since 1Q21

Within manufacturing industry for Nasuni

Nasuni Corporation announced momentum within the manufacturing industry, with data under management growing by 243% since 1Q21.

Manufacturing Industry For Nasuni

In order to modernize operations and remain competitive, the manufacturing industry is accelerating its pace of digital transformation and its move to the cloud. This has resulted in increased demand for the Nasuni File Data Platform.

The manufacturing industry is immersing itself in the revolution to modernize its operations by embracing emerging technologies like AI, digital twins, and the IoT. The digitalization of production, assets, and data have emerged as critical necessities, and Gartner reports that 36% of manufacturers experience “above-average business value” from investments made toward this effort. As more information and data become digitalized, organizations are realizing they must seek solutions that enable them to break down silos and collaborate around data.

In addition, the Industry 4.0 revolution is creating data growth. This is causing manufacturers to become more heavily targeted by cyberattacks, like ransomware, with The National Association of Manufacturers (NAM) reporting that in 2021 manufacturing represented 65% of industrial ransomware attacks. Furthermore, the industry as a whole was targeted 6x more often than the 2nd group (food and beverage), making the protection of data from advanced and persistent threats (APT) like ransomware, business-critical.

To solve these challenges, organizations including Alcoa, Hybrid Apparel, JSJ, Morton Salt, SAS International, Western Digital, and Yazaki are modernizing their storage infrastructure into a data services model with the File Data Platform. Nasuni enables them to gain more business value from their IT investments, reduce storage costs by 60% over legacy storage, and recover from ransomware attacks in minutes.

The platform works with massive Dassault CATIA CAD (computer-aided design) files, Adobe InDesign, Siemens Teamcenter, Windows File Copy, Linux File Copy, and Robocopy. Since the start of 2021, Nasuni has experienced a 66% growth in manufacturing customers. Today, its manufacturing customers are able to collaborate on, manage, and protect their critical data at more than 1,800 locations in 55 countries WW.

Nasuni covered cloud storage, backup, ransomware, and more,” said Mark Valpreda, IT infrastructure consultant, Hybrid Apparel. “The whole solution of Nasuni on top of Google Cloud object storage saves us money, but what these savings don’t account for is that the solution gives me back the ability to sleep at night.

Headquartered in California with offices in 3 main regions globally, Hybrid Apparel is a creative design and manufacturing firm that specializes in making licensed t-shirts for some of the world’s most recognizable brands. Their previous file storage system was a persistent headache with users needing to manually move files and folders when they ran out of capacity. Replication and recovery were also complex and unreliable. With the File Data Platform deployed, Hybrid Apparel’s Adobe Creative files and other unstructured data scale in Google Cloud object storage, while Nasuni Edge Appliances cache files locally for fast access. Backup, replication, and other technologies have been eliminated, as Nasuni delivers all of these capabilities and more in one cloud-native platform – all with significant cost savings.

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Nasuni transforms legacy file infrastructure with a set of file data services that consolidates siloed information, provides 24/7 BC, optimizes user productivity, delivers game-changing business insights, and offers the ability to choose any or multiple cloud providers. Hybrid cloud technology is especially important in manufacturing as performance at the edge for collaborating on data around the globe is critical. Nasuni’s intelligent edge caching enables manufacturers to leverage the power of cloud object storage while maintaining local performance.

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