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Promise Technology Making Strides in Surveillance Industry in 2023 with PromiseRAID and Boost Technologies

Expanding storage optimization solutions, highlighting value-added solutions, it offers to customers in rich media, surveillance, and IT industries.

Promise Technology, Inc. is making strides in the surveillance industry with its proprietary PromiseRAID and Boost technologies.

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With the addition of Boost technology products to its lineup, the company is expanding its storage optimization solutions, highlighting the value-added solutions it offers to its customers in the rich media, surveillance, and IT industries.

Promise‘s proprietary RAID technology has been widely adopted by millions of users for over 25 years. This forms the cornerstone of the Boost Family, which utilizes Promise‘s intelligent engine to deliver top-of-the-line speed and reliability for various applications,” said Alice Chang, CMO.

About PromiseRAID
It has a significant advantage over open-source software RAID, in the form of the company‘s proprietary Predictive Data Migration (PDM) feature and the way it is implemented with the Media Patrol HDD monitoring feature. PDM is a technology that can initiate data migration automatically from HDDs if a potential disk problem or critical error is detected by Media Patrol. This self-healing process runs in the background without any need for administrator intervention and without any impact on RAID performance. The result is a much faster migration process, as much as 5x faster than conventional methods that require active administration. This advantage is especially noticeable in systems with large drive capacity or several drives.

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In contrast to routine Synchronization (initialization/resynchronization) and Redundancy Check processes on ordinary RAID, PDM and Media Patrol work in tandem to monitor the health status of the HDDs themselves, not the data contained on them. This extends data protection well beyond conventional RAID setups.

Boost Technologies tailored to surveillance industry

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Building upon the PromiseRAID engine, the Boost technology family is expanding to enhance performance, security, and stability. This kit includes
8 patented technologies: SmartBoost, FileBoost, TierBoost, HybridBoost, GreenBoost, ServiceBoost, SecurityBoost, and NVMeBoost.

Company will be showcasing 4 of its Boost technologies customized for surveillance customers at the Intelligent Lounge during ISC West 2023:

  • SmartBoost, One of the 4 smart technologies customized for surveillance industry customers, is a particularly noteworthy aspect of the Boost family. SmartBoost provides reliability, performance, and capacity for the number of supported cameras, enhancing surveillance setups and delivering an optimal experience for users.

  • SecurityBoost is a solution that is designed around the IoT Security Foundation‘s IoT Security Compliance Framework and verified as Compliance Class 4, the highest tier. This solution offers customers an extra layer of security to their data, ensuring that their surveillance setups are well-protected against potential security threats.

  • ServiceBoost is a suite of service and maintenance solutions that provide customers with preemptive maintenance, regular updates, and even AI predictions for storage health status. This solution ensures that customers’ storage systems are always running smoothly, minimizing the risk of any system downtime.

  • GreenBoost is a solution that improves energy efficiency by reducing power consumption through improved thermodynamics and smart switching of drives, particularly adding value for customers who have large storage systems that consume a lot of power. By optimizing energy consumption, GreenBoost can help customers save money on their energy bills while also reducing their environmental impact.

PromiseRAID and the expanded Boost technologies are bringing rich media, surveillance, and IT customers a kit of the company’s proprietary technologies that maximize performance, security, and stability.