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Newegg NAS Builder to Help Shoppers Improve Digital File Storage

E-commerce shopping tool for setting up NAS

Newegg Commerce, Inc. announced NAS Builder, an e-commerce shopping tool for setting up a NAS.

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A NAS is a private secure file storage device that enables multiple users to access data. A more secure way to store digital files, avoid data loss and share files with multiple users, NAS can be beneficial for consumers, small- and medium-sized businesses and freelancers. Consumers can use the devices to store photos and video files, e-books and to host servers for websites. The storage systems can hold large file types like 4K videos and high-resolution photos for professional content creators, photographers and video editors.

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The NAS Builder helps shoppers better understand and determine their storage needs and options. The tool also educates users about NAS benefits.

The firm created the NAS Builder to simplify the purchasing process for both new and experienced NAS users. Inexperienced NAS users are able to simplify the compatibility and buying process. Experienced users can assess options and pricing.

A NAS requires a HDD or SSD and is connected via Wi-Fi or Ethernet.

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Basis for using NAS Builder is:

  • Choose among storage space needed: 36TB or less; 36-72TB, 144TB and above
  • From storage space results, choose from available NAS enclosures
  • Review the list of HDDs that are compatible with the NAS
  • Customers can then filter the storage capacity to understand their best option based on price

The RAID calculator enables file duplication beginning with RAID-0 (no duplicate) to RAID-6 (6 total duplicates).

NAS prices begin under $200 and increase depending on desired features. Customers can also select a pre-built NAS with a HDD already installed, mitigating the need for a HDD addition.

Understanding the benefits of owning a NAS to store digital files and then shopping online for the right configuration is challenging so we’ve simplified the process with NAS Builder,” said Anthony Kuo, director, product management. “We worked with our storage manufacturing partners to understand their input and then we created a tool that evaluates equipment compatibility and shows budget ranges. Customers can now get on the old town road to using NAS by easily configuring and selecting their NAS needs with a few clicks.”

Along with NAS Builder, the company also offers a NAS Buying Guide.

NAS Builder is the latest company’s shopping tool to simplify the buying process for customers. Previously launched the firm’s shopping tools include: Gaming PC Finder, Laptop Finder and PC Builder.