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Quantum Unified Surveillance Platform V.5.0 Compute and Storage for Mission-Critical Video Surveillance and Analytics

Records 10,000+ cameras to single cluster, achieves 99.9999% uptime, and reduces data centre footprint by up to 80%.

Quantum Corp. introduced version 5.0 of the Unified Surveillance Platform (USP) software, a unified compute and storage platform for mission-critical video surveillance and analytics.

Quantum Qus Platform 2303

This software version introduces patented video data reduction techniques to record thousands of video streams simultaneously at maximum uptime with fewer servers required, reducing risk of hardware failure and data centre footprint by up to 80%.

USP 5.0 software also introduces:

  • An user experience that makes it easy to manage the entire compute and storage infrastructure from a single console, no IT skills required
  • A simpler, automated deployment model across a wider variety of hardware platforms, giving security integrators more flexibility for where and how they deploy the software
  • Enhanced monitoring of all aspects of the system from a single, secure online portal

More cameras, higher resolutions put pressure on traditional video surveillance infrastructures
Camera count, data resolution, and compliance requirements for how long video surveillance data must be retained are increasing and putting pressure on traditional video recording infrastructure, which is typically racks of network video recording servers (NVRs). This hardware-centric approach is more susceptible to downtime, data loss, and degraded performance, and is complex and costly to manage at scale.

The USP solves these problems by replacing racks of inefficient NVR servers with a single unified compute and storage software platform for video recording and analytics. The software uses patented video data reduction techniques to record and store video data at the highest performance with the least amount of hardware required, allowing customers to host more than 10,000 cameras on one single system. USP’s patented software approach to data protection and automatic failover across the entire cluster delivers the highest uptimes, practically eliminating data loss or downtime due to a failed component or NVR server.

USP has the added advantage of being able to run multiple physical security applications on one single unified infrastructure. A USP cluster can include compute and GPUs for running analytics and AI workloads, and flash or disk storage to meet the needs of any environment. Customers can go from racks of NVRs to one system that is easier to manage, more cost effective and can keep up with the growth of video data.

Quantum Unified Surveillance Platform Scheme2 2303

USP 5.0 combines the best technology from our acquisition of Pivot3’s video surveillance solutions with Quantum innovation,” said Choon-Seng Tan, GM, video surveillance solutions. “It is a modern, easy-to-manage platform for video surveillance storage, compute and graphics processing for video analytics, and can host other physical security applications. We have had dozens of clients replace racks of NVR servers with this platform and achieve massive savings in costs and data centre footprint since they need less hardware to support thousands of cameras and fewer staff to manage.”

The USP debuted at ISC West last year and has since won industry awards including a Platinum ‘ASTORS’ American Security Today Homeland Security award, a Gold Security Today Best New Product award, and a Gold Security Today GOVIES award. Hundreds of major global customers including government agencies, stadiums, amusement parks, universities and transportation systems already rely on the company for mission-critical video surveillance workloads that cannot tolerate the downtime and data loss associated with NVR servers.

Free infrastructure savings assessment available for limited time
For a limited time,
the firm is offering free infrastructure assessments to any organisation that is currently operating dozens or hundreds of NVRs to determine the costs savings of switching to a simple, unified compute and storage platform. To take advantage of this free assessment, sign up or visit us at ISC West.

USP 5.0 is available for select early-access customers and is planned to be generally available in 3CQ23

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