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49th Edition of The IT Press Tour in Israel

With CTera Networks, Equalum, FinOut, Pliops, Rookout, StorONE, Treeverse and UnifabriX

The IT Press Tour, a media event launched in June 2010, announced participating companies for the 49th edition scheduled the week of March 26 in Israel.

Eight companies will participate to this new edition dedicated to IT infrastructure, data management and storage: CTera Networks, Equalum, FinOut, Pliops, Rookout, StorONE, Treeverse and UnifabriX.

​”What a pleasure to be back to Israel in a few weeks, we’re all looking forward to meeting and visiting new and established companies such as Equalum, FinOut, Rookout, Treeverse and UnifabriX in addition to ones we met in the past like Ctera, Pliops or StorONE,” said Philippe Nicolas, creator of the tour.

​”A new tour edition means new records and we’ll reach new levels with 280 companies and 488 sessions, more than 1,000 CxO and we’ll approach 22,000 articles globally following this coming edition,” he concluded.

Quotes from some participating companies:

  • Liran Eshel, CEO and co-founder, CTera Networks
    “CTera, the leader of distributed cloud file storage solutions, is eager to engage in in-depth discussions with the leading IT journalists at the 49th IT Press Tour in our HQs in Israel. We look forward to discussing trends and obstacles that the industry is facing and hope to provide invaluable insights into the types of solutions that will be required for data-driven enterprises to thrive, from the edge to the core and the cloud.”

  • Roi Ravhon, CEO and co-founder, FinOut
    “In current economical climate, more and more companies see FinOps is the future of cloud cost management. At the upcoming IT Press Tour, we look forward to engaging with leading tech journalists and discussing the latest industry trends and solutions to enable data-driven enterprises to optimize their cloud costs from the edge to the core and to the cloud. We are thrilled to be part of this prestigious event and share our insights on how FinOps can drive business growth, profitability and innovation.”

  • Uri Beitler, CEO and co-founder, Pliops
    “This is our 2nd IT Press Tour, and we’re looking forward to sharing the recent developments related to our breakthrough Extreme Data Processor (XDP). We continue to see a deluge of data hitting our customers, yet current software architectures for business applications, combined with CPU limitations, are restraining their ability to weather this ongoing storm. During the IT Press Tour, we will give insights into our new XDP-based Data Services, which take a seamless-to-deploy, transformational approach to optimize data infrastructure and accelerate modern workloads – while reducing TCO by 50%.”

  • Gal Naor, CEO and co-founder, StorONE
    “StorONE is leading the modernization of SDS by eliminating complexity in the data center. In short, we are doing for storage what VMware did for servers. We are providing customers with significant savings in time, money, and increased data protection in ways other companies are unable. As such, we are very excited to host the IT Press Tour this month to show this esteemed group of analysts what our technology is capable of, and how StorONE will make a big impact this year.”

  • Ronen Hyatt. CEO and co-founder, UnifabriX
    “The data center market is under increasing pressure to meet growing consumer demands while accelerating performance and improving total cost of ownership. The new CXL standard is a game changer for an industry that hasn’t seen many changes. UnifabriX, a market leader in CXL Memory, is honored to host the IT Press Tour and present our Smart Memory Node product, the first CXL memory pool to showcase ground-breaking performance acceleration of the most demanding HPC workloads.”