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Non-Governmental Organization Post Bellum in Czechia Turned to Abacus Electric and Open-E

To save memories for future generations

A non-governmental organization, Post Bellum from Czechia, turned to Abacus Electric s.r.o., a storage provider, for a tailor-made solution that would fulfill the organization’s highest needs.


They required a solution that would meet the following requirements:

  • Scale -up architecture
  • Easy capacity expansion based on financial resources
  • Commodity, non-proprietary hardware with no vendor lock-in
  • Possibility of using a cluster storage solution
  • Snapshot and cloud services support

Post Bellum own several NAS servers from different manufacturers offering various capacities and features. Due to the fact that the researchers and documentalists collected 550TB of raw data, and the amount of data is rapidly growing, with an average annual increase of more than 300TB, the main goal of their IT administrators was to consolidate the infrastructure and prepare it for further data volume increase.

To meet this goal, Post Bellum headed to Abacus Electric, a long-term Open-E Platinium Partner.

Post Bellum decided on the Abacus a-2610Q-KRPA 4U server powered by the ZFS and Linux-based Open-E JovianDSS storage system. The storage architecture is built of of 2 single-node servers for performance and almost unlimited scalability. The ZFS file system is the base of the storage system. Plus, the supported storage capacities can exceed dozens of petabytess of data.

Since Post Bellum is a non-profit organization, and their mission is close to the Open-E and Abacus values, both companies decided to give up part of the profit to support the project. To watch some of the testimonies, visit their YouTube channel.

We are constantly getting bigger and bigger files to work with and backup. It’s important to keep data secure at a reasonable TCO. Abacus Electric, our integration partner, combined hardware from Western Digital and software from Open-E to provide us with a tailored solution at a very reasonable price, said,” Jan Poloucek, COO, Post Bellum.

Hardware details


AIC RSC-4H 60-bay top loaded storage chassis


AMD EPYC2 Rome 7252


Asus KRPA-U16 single socket EPYC3


128GB  DDR4

HBA controller

3×Broadcom 3008 ITmode HBA SAS

Boot medium

2×Samsung SSD PM893 480GB

Data drives

60×20TB = 1,2PB Raw Capacity Western Digital Ultrastar HC560

Ethernet controller

Ethernet Converged Network Adapter X540-T2, Dual port 10GbE-T


Case study: To Save the Memories for Future Generations – Data Storage for Post Bellum.