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NAB: PAC Storage 3rd Gen PS Line of Unified Storage Solutions with Xeon D Processors and 25GbE Connectivity

Line offers 7 form factors, including 40-bay and 2 hybrid HDD + NVMe 40-bay and 60-bay systems.

PAC Storage has released its 3rd Gen PS Line of unified storage solutions.

Pac Storage 3gen Intro 2301

This latest edition accelerates system performance with up to a 50% increase in performance throughput, making the PS Line better suited for a range of industries and applications including database, VDI, M&E, PACS, virtualization, and file sharing, as well as general enterprise IT and backup.

Our new Gen 3 PS Line will streamline the storage decision-making process,” said Rick Crane, CEO. “It’s an effective and smart storage solution yielding an extremely high return for the price.”

PS 3000 4U 60-bay front and rear

Ps 3000 4u 60 Bay 3.5inch Drives Left View

Ps 3000 4u 60 Bay Rear View With Dual Controllers 8x 1gb Host Ports

Equipped with the Xeon D processors and rated at 16Gb/s read and 12GB/s write throughput, both the Gen 3 PS and PAC NVMe Gen 4 systems are designed to master demanding RW applications. The product line offers 7 form factors, including a 40-bay and 2 hybrid HDD + NVMe 40-bay and 60-bay systems, while the PS3000 series arrives standard with 25GbE connectivity for throughput performance.

From 1 to 100GbE and FC options, the company has also expanded its connectivity options, enabling clients to configure systems with multiple features. Additional enhancements include the latest data software release and GUI upgrades like single namespace, BTFS and XFS protocols, as well as data protection mechanisms.

PS 4000 2U 25-bay front and rear

Ps 4000 2u 25 Bay 2.5inch Drives Left View

Ps 4000 2u 25 Bay Rear View With Dual Controllers 8x 1gb Host Ports

This product line arrives on the heels of of the firm’s storage NVMe Gen 4 systems which provide 100GbE connectivity, PCIe Gen 4, and up to 1.1 million IO/s. These systems’ throughput is tailored to M&E and HPC applications.

An affiliate of BOXX Technologies, the company will showcase their solutions alongside BOXX on April 16-19 at the NAB Show in Las Vegas, NV.

In the storage market, there’s constant buzz surrounding the latest and greatest technologies,” says Crane. “But PAC finds it imperative to focus on bringing the technologies and configurations that customers need and want now, while future-proofing with flexible options to keep them viable for their environment over the next 5 to 10 years.

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