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Arcserve Unified Data Protection V.9.0 Centrally Managed Backup and DR Solution

Enhanced data availability, durability, and scalability with cloud object storage, and expanded support for Oracle DB and Microsoft SQL Server

Arcserve, Inc. unveiled Unified Data Protection (UDP) 9.0.

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UDP 9.0 is a single platform, centrally managed backup and DR solution that future-proofs every data infrastructure with protection for every type of workload. It combines complete data protection, Sophos cybersecurity protection, immutable storage, tape backup, and scalable onsite or offsite BC.

Highlighting the need for robust enterprise data resilience strategies, a recent independent research study commissioned by the company of IT decision makers (ITDMs) found that 83% of respondents have a data resilience strategy. Yet only 23% have a comprehensive approach. The research uncovered that nearly half (45%) of organizations facing data loss could not recover all their data.

UDP 9.0 enhances data resilience with advanced capabilities, including:

  • Data protection for Oracle Database (DB): Organizations can recover terabytes of Oracle pluggable database (PDBs) backed up using Oracle RMAN with the ability to restore the entire PDB (including all tablespaces and control files) to its original location. Customers can restore granular PDB files to their original location. UDP 9.0 protects Oracle DBs on Solaris x64 platforms.

  • Advanced restore options for Microsoft SQL server deployments: UDP 9.0 offers improved granularity, allowing DB recovery to any transaction point between 2 recovery points. Assures restore integrity by running a consistency check to ensure data retrieved represents usable data. This avoids a challenge where restores are successful, but data is unusable.

  • Enhanced availability, durability and scalability with cloud object storage: Organizations can store de-duped backups directly on AWS S3, Wasabi, or Google Cloud Storage to lower their TCO and enhance DR support with cloud-based offsite safe stores.

  • Choice of cloud-based or on-premises private management console: UDP 9.0 now offers a cloud-based management console featuring multi-tenancy capabilities and secure identity management. The cloud-based console does not require installation, manual deployment, or extended configuration needs. UDP 9.0 multi-tenancy capabilities allow users to configure sub-organizations easily and manage them like different tenants. Security identity measures include Okta’s Zero Trust implementation using multifactor authentication (MFA).

Said Florian Malecki, EVP marketing: “The data resilience of organizations of all sizes is constantly challenged with the volumes and types of data they need to manage, protect, and secure. Arcserve UDP 9.0 takes data resilience to the next level delivering enhanced data protection, performance reliability, and management. By offering complete ransomware resilience in one solution, Arcserve UDP 9.0 helps our partners drive customer value and growth opportunities in this burgeoning market.

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