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Acronis #CyberFit Academy 2023 Certification Program

New training courses to build technical and sales expertise

Acronis International GmbH announces the availability of the its 2023 #CyberFit Academy Certification program.

The program will provide updated training for firm’s partners to improve their success and overall increase profitability. Partners who take training, on average, utilize twice as many Acronis products and require 30% fewer support requests, which in turn increases revenue and reduces support costs, while also increasing customer satisfaction.

The latest #CyberFit Academy curriculum features 22 new certification courses, including 5 recertification courses which reduce annual technical certifications from over 20h to less than 3h. The goal of the program is to recertify existing partners and onboard new partners. When certified, partners exceed revenue goals with 104% more profit and 10% additional workloads achieved per technician.

We are excited to offer the comprehensive Acronis #CyberFit Academy certification program to our dedicated partners,” said Righter Kunkel, head of academy,. “By providing the necessary training and resources, we are confident that our partners will be able to better serve their customers and grow their businesses.

When company’s partners understand the range of products and services offered, they can more confidently present them to customers. The #CyberFit Academy certification training program is available to ensure partners are equipped with the knowledge necessary. The sales training courses offered cover product benefits and guide learners through differentiators and sales tactics, including call demos. With the Acronis integrated product offering, partners are able to deliver more cyber protection and reduce the complexity of vendor management.

The #CyberFit Academy courses provide quick, easy-to-consume training modules which help partners make the most of the firm’s catalog of solutions and offerings. Courses include, but are not limited to; foundation courses with a quick introduction tocompany’s products, associate courses providing a deep dive into specific product features, and professional courses which are designed to provide expert-level instruction for specialists. All courses are offered through on-demand and live, instructor-led webinars. In addition to improving skills and productivity, certifications enable Acronis partners to advance to higher levels within the #CyberFit Partner Program, which unlocks exclusive benefits.

Partners are invited to register for live trainings which can be scheduled. Access to recorded trainings are available in the Acronis Partner Portal. Acronis supports training globally, in 8 different languages.

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