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Memblaze PBlaze6 6930 PCIe 4.0 NVMe Up to 31TB 2.5-Inch U.3 Data Center SSD

Up to 1,600,000/680,000 IO/s 4K random RW performance, 7.1GB/s and 7.0GB/s 128K sequential RW speeds, and with 4K RW latency reduced to 69/9μs

Memblaze Technology Co., Ltd. released the PCIe 4.0 NVMe enterprise SSD PBlaze6 6930 for data center applications.

Memblaze Ssd Pblaze6 6930 2301

It provides up to 1,600,000 IO/s 4K random read performance, presents more enterprise security features and higher reliability, and a maximum user capacity of 30.72TB. All these features will better support the cloud computing, big data, AI, and other I/O-intensive applications.

With the explosive growth of data, the demand for high capacity and performance enterprise SSDs is increasing. The new PBlaze6 6930 not only signifies further breakthroughs in performance and reliability, but also offers the capacity up to 32TB , allowing customers to easily cope with the increasing demand for data usage, and obtain higher data density and energy efficiency.” said Dr. Taile Zhang, CEO,.

Ultimate performance, accelerate applications for data centers
The PBlaze6 6930 Series NVMe SSD adopt 176-layer TLC NAND, optimized by hardware design and self-developed MemSpeed 4.0 technology set to achieve further improvement in I/O performance and power consumption ratio.

  • It offers up to 1,600,000/680,000 IO/s 4K random RW performance, 7.1GB/s 128K sequential read bandwidth, and 7.0GB/s 128K sequential write bandwidth, all of these have reached the leading level of current PCIe 4.0 SSDs.

  • With 4K read/write latency reduced to 69/9μs, combined with multi-core optimization, I/O intelligent scheduling algorithm, dynamic smoothing algorithm, and flash-channel QoS optimization technologies, it can bring faster response time and provide guarantee for the stable business operation;

  • Power consumption is optimized, providing 5 levels power management from 12W to 25W.

Up to 32TB, with higher capacity and endurance lifetime
The PBlaze6 6930 Series support 25.6 and 30.72TB user capacities, which can bring more than 700TB of storage capacity on a standard 2U server, allowing customers to achieve more metrics such as storage capacity, I/O performance, endurance lifetime, and power consumption ratio with less hardware investment.
It also supports 6.4, 7.68, 12.8 and 15.36TB capacities, provides 1.5 DWPD and 3.3 DWPD models to satisfy the needs from diverse users.

Based on MUFP, high reliability guaranteed
PBlaze6 6930 is developed based on the company’s self-developed MUFP (Memblaze Unified Framework Platform). With the help of this cross-platform firmware algorithm, it realizes the inheritance of the firmware functions and reliability from previous products. The in-depth optimization of its own hardware further facilitates full performance utilization and delivers higher reliability.

Rich enterprise features, make data safe
PBlaze6 6930 Series NVMe SSD support NVMe 1.4 spec, provides Full Data Path protection, NVMe-MI for out-of-band management, telemetry, persistent event log, sanitize, firmware upgrade without reset, AES data encryption, secure boot and other important feautures
PBlaze6 6930 adopts U.3 interface, provides support for both U.2 and U.3 backplanes. It can be used directly on existing servers, or replaced by SAS/SATA disks in a same slot with 3-mode controller.

PBlaze6 6930 key features:

  • PCIe 4.0, better performance and lower power

  • Up to 1,600,000 IOs, 7.1GB/s throughput

  • MTBF>2 million hours

  • Secure download and Secure Boot

  • Persistent event log

  • Weighted Round Robin

  • Latency statistics and high latency logging

  • Telemetry

  • Firmware upgrade without reset

  • Support NVMe-MI for out-of-band management

  • Up to 8TB/s enterprise TRIM

Memblaze Pblaze6 6930 Series Nvme Ssd Port 2301

Memblaze Pblaze6 6930 Series Nvme Ssd Spectabl 2301


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