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Gigabyte Aorus Gen4 7300 Upgraded PCIe 4.0 M.2 2280 Up to 2TB SSD with 3D-TLC NAND and Phison E18 Controller

Up to 7,300MB/s and 6,850MB/s RW speeds

Gigabyte Technology Co. Ltd. announced the evolutionary Aorus Gen4 7300 SSD, which is the upgraded PCIe 4.0 SSD with read speed up to 7,300MB/s.

Gigabyte Aorus Gen4 7300 Ssd 1 2301


Enhanced by the select PCIe 4.0 controller with advanced 3D-TLC NAND flash, it provides better performance than the previous generation PCIe 4.0 NVMe SSD. Aorus Gen4 7300 SSD with M.2 2280 interface comes in 2 capacity variants of 1 and 2TB, along with a packaging design of separated SSD and heatsink packing to offer more flexible thermal solutions. Meanwhile, the company’s GCC (Gigabyte Control Center) software management platform provides the instant overview and adjustment of SSD status for a cool storage operation with high performance.

Gigabyte Aorus Gen4 7300 Ssd 2 2301

Aorus Gen4 7300 SSD equips the select Phison E18 8-channel controller, which provides users with ultimate random access rate, as well as the 3D-TLC NAND flash and SLC cache design that brings the PCIe 4.0 into full play. Under the real test, it can reach a read speed up to 7,300MB/s and a write speed up to 6,850MB/s, which is faster than the previous gen. PCIe 4.0 NVMe SSD, 2x than PCIe 3.0 SSD, and up to 13x faster than SATA SSD. Enhanced by the multi-core architecture of the E18 controller, Aorus Gen4 7300 SSD improves AI multitasking to lessen the bottleneck of system performance, and also powers up content creators, gamers, and users eager for performance.

Normally the high-speed SSD generates heat and results in throttling under full-speed operation, which puts limit on its transfer speed. In order to prevent possible throttling, most motherboards and SSD equip with heatsink to dissipate the heat of SSD. Aorus Gen4 7300 SSD adopts a packaging design of separated SSD and full-coverage heatsink packing, which allows users to choose the built-in heatsink on their motherboards or the enclosed heatsink of Aorus Gen4 7300 SSD in line with their needs. This enables more flexible thermal configuration whether for PC system installation or PS5 capacity expansion.

GCC (Gigabyte Control Center) software screenshots
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Gigabyte Aorus Gen4 7300 Ssd 2 2301

With the rapid evolution of semiconductor process, the transfer speed of PCIe 4.0 SSD upraise from 5,000MB/s to 7,300MB/s and above which benefit greatly users who pursue storage performance and wish to avoid the bottleneck of system performance. “ Said Jackson Hsu, director, channel solutions product development division. “Gigabyte has endeavored on SSD products in recent years and the shipments achieved the global top 10 with the ramp on self-brand products. Enhance by the technology evolution, the read speed of Gigabyte PCIe 4.0 SSD boosts from 5,000MB/s, 7,000MB/s to 7,300MB/s by Aorus Gen4 7300 SSD for impressive storage performance. In addition, the flexible design of a self-planned thermal solution for users reduces the chances of throttling and greatly improves the system performance.”

Aorus Gen4 7300 SSD supports motherboards with PCIe 4.0 NVMe M.2 interface design. To release the performance of 7,300MB/s read speed, the latest AMD motherboards, especially the firm’s motherboards are recommended. With the company’s R&D’s professional adjustment, verification, and software enhancement, firm’s motherboards offer more stability with performance, which is definitely a choice for users.

Gigabyte Aorus Gen4 7300 Ssd 4 2301

Gigabyte Ssd Aorus Gen4 7300 Ssd Spectabl 2301

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