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Climb Channel Solutions and Graid Technology Partner

To deliver next-gen NVMe RAID slutions

Graid Technology, Inc. announced its partnership with Climb Channel Solutions, a wholly-owned subsidiary of Climb Global Solutions, Inc.

Climb Channel Solutions And Graid Technology Partner

Climb’s specialized focus is positioned to deliver emerging technologies to VARs and MSPs. Starting immediately Graid Technology customers and partners will be able to purchase SupremeRAID next gen NVMe/NVMe-oF storage solutions through Climb Channel Solutions.

We are pleased to partner with Climb Channel Solutions to offer flexible, easy-to-configure IT infrastructure solutions that drive technology forward while delivering our customers a competitive advantage in the market,” said Leander Yu, CEO and president, Graid. “SupremeRAID unparalleled RAID capabilities joined with Climb’s world-class support, pre-sales services, and global fulfillment capabilities, are how our customers will maintain a competitive advantage in the market.

As part of the Climb Channel Solutions portfolio, Graid offers flexible, easy-to-configure IT infrastructure solutions that deliver the speed, ease of use, flexibility, and TCO the market demands for the future of workloads. SupremeRAID processes I/O out of path to deliver unparalleled throughput and free up CPU resources for applications – enabling superior NVMe/NVMe-oF performance in AI-accelerated compute, AFAs, HPC applications, and traditional IT applications.

Speed of throughput, fast access without bottlenecks, increased performance, and overall cost savings are critical to running every business,” says Dale Foster, president, Climb Channel Solutions. “With Graid’s SupremeRAID technology we will be providing the tools that can mediate the bottleneck of storage infrastructure. Climb is proud to be partnering with Graid Technology.

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