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LucidLink Connected Creativity Strategy with Autodesk Flame Qualification

Filespaces solution enables Flame artists to improve speed and efficiency of teams collaborating on high-end finishing and VFX.

LucidLink announced their qualification as reliable solution for media-driven workflows with the Autodesk, Inc. Flame family of products.

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The company’s Filespaces is the latest performance cloud file service and storage solution self-qualified for use with the Flame family of products for feature, episodic, and TV commercial finishing and visual effects.

It provides teams with a workflow experience that matches the speed and efficiency that Autodesk Flame brings.

Media production projects are executed by teams and freelancers distributed across the globe, so having shared access to source files in real-time creates tremendous upside, from delivering on time and budget to sourcing great talent,” says Steve McNeill, director, engineering, Autodesk. “With LucidLink Filespaces, creative teams will find a workflow experience that matches the speed and efficiency that Autodesk Flame brings to their finishing and VFX workflows.”

Filespaces outperforms traditional cloud file services and storage solutions, as it built to handle the most data-intensive media files. Its streaming design eliminates the need to download and sync files and offers real-time access and visibility to source files for everyone on a team – regardless of where they work. Self-qualified by Autodesk, media production teams can have confidence that Filespaces will work flawlessly with the Flame family of products and create fast and efficient post-production workflows.

Autodesk’s self-qualification process for Flame helped ensure that the company not only met but exceeded the reference benchmarks defined by Autodesk to enable various real-world scenarios and workflows.

For years, cloud-based file services simply did not provide both the performance and the collaborative workflow that rich media teams needed. Eliminating these performance bottlenecks that previously deterred productions from relying on cloud-based file services is at the core of what drives us,” said Matt Schneider, director, product management, M&E, LucidLink. “Being awarded this self-qualification from Autodesk is a testament to the quality of our solution and the user experience that customers now expect from LucidLink. Pairing such a powerful tool as Flame with one of the industry’s most exciting storage technologies in LucidLink will bring enormous value and performance to creative professionals throughout our industry.

Powering remote and hybrid work for creative teams
In addition to the technical and performance benefits that come from the pairing of Flame and LucidLink, creative teams can source talent anywhere in the world without overhead costs and time delays. For example, a production company in London, UK, can contract with an Flame artist in Chicago, IL, for a last-minute project without adding time or costs for transferring source files. With LucidLink, once a Flame artist renders changes to their project files, the production company can see the changes in real time. No more waiting for downloads or for FedEx to deliver the files.

The company offers personalized demos and a fully-functioning 14-day free trial for creative professional to experience how it works on projects together from anywhere without changing workflow.

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