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Map 2022 for Unstructured Data Management

20 vendors playing in domain without clear leader but 3 challengers (Atempo, Data Dynamics and Komprise)

The Coldago Research Map 2022 for Unstructured Data Management ($11,990) represents an independent study and analysis of the data management landscape for enterprises unstructured data during the past 12 months.

Data management is a large topic with sometimes fuzzy boundaries. As mentioned above, we consider for this report only unstructured data in open systems around various solutions capabilities such analytics, data movement, security, governance and compliance, product architecture and management, media, systems and devices support. Each of these topics having several sub-categories with more than 60 criteria in total. We exclude pure backup, archive or data access vendors and also ones with limited alignment with our criteria.

As a general rule, we don’t compare products but analyze companies playing in a domain. It means that a vendor is studied in a multi-dimension approach considering its company profile, business and strategy, products, solutions and technologies. The report is not a product comparison, it ranks companies in a specific segment. Too many point products also creates confusion and complexity. We also consider partnerships, OEM and reseller agreements, but listed companies must own their products and technologies and control associated developments and can leveraged open source components. We also have decided to include open source solutions based on its impact on the market for several years.

The 20 vendors selected and analyzed in this report are, by alphabetic order: Arcitecta, Atempo, Cohesity, Commvault, Data Dynamics, Datadobi, Dell, Grau Data, Hitachi Vantara, IBM, iRODS, Komprise, NetApp, Nodeum, PoINT Software & Systems, QStar, Spectra Logic, StarFish, StrongLink and Veritas.

The Map doesn’t reveal any leaders but 3 challengers: Atempo, Data Dynamics and Komprise.