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With End Support for StorSimple on December 31, Nasuni Proposes Migration to File Services Platform Solution

For Azure Blob Storage delivers choice for storing, protecting and accessing files.

Nasuni Corp. is simplifying the process for enterprises to migrate data into cloud-native file data services in Azure Blob Storage as Microsoft Corp. prepares to end support for StorSimple on December 31, 2022.

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The company’s solution, a MS Azure partner, is available in the Azure Customer Portal and counts toward Microsoft Azure Consumption Commitments (MACC).

As end-of-life approaches for Microsoft Azure StorSimple, Nasuni is ready to help organizations move their data into a cloud-native service that provides the scalability and performance on which customers have depended,” said Jason DePardo, VP, customer success. “But Nasuni provides much more than just scalable storage. Customers also get automatic backup and DR, global file sharing, a global lock and multi-cloud access. It’s a modern file storage solution for modern enterprises, and migration from StorSimple is easy and fast.

The company has migrated several StorSimple customers already this year, including AIMCO, Pruitt Health, Blackmores, BJ’s and TGI Fridays. TGI Fridays – who chose the firm’s solution to replace StorSimple in anticipation of the end of Microsoft support – experienced a painless migration without heavy users noticing a difference. Additionally, because Nasuni stores data so efficiently, the company saved 20% on Azure cloud costs.

You can sell the capabilities and cost savings, but in terms of how to make the changes and actually run the platform, IT teams might be out of their element,” said Michael Oehlert, infrastructure team lead, TGI Fridays. “The Nasuni team was instrumental in terms of getting this done without anyone noticing. They always knew what was going on and how to make it work.

The company’s File Data Platform, backed by low-cost Azure Blob object storage, is a customer-managed, highly available, enterprise-grade file service. Additionally, like StorSimple, it provides an easy-to-manage solution for unlimited capacity and massive scalability with performance. The firm’s solution can accomplish this, plus offer additional capabilities without increasing costs over StorSimple. It can also be deployed in Azure or as a hybrid cloud deployment with on-premises caching for high-performance file access in any location.

Additional capabilities include:

  • Multi-site access: Nasuni enables StorSimple customers to share their data with users across multiple locations, which are able to store, access, share and synchronize files across an unlimited number of users and sites. 
  • Unlimited capacity for file shares: Unlike StorSimple, the firm’s File Data Platform keeps all files and file changes in Azure Blob storage, so file shares can be any size. 
  • Automatic backup and DR with fast restore: Using a patented feature called ‘Continuous File Versioning,’ the firm stores all file changes in Azure Blob storage, which automates data protection and eliminates the need for a separate investment in backup software and hardware. Recovery is also fast, enabling IT to restore lost files or even entire volumes in just minutes. 
  • Global file sharing with global lock: People from around the globe can collaborate on even very large files, with a global lock that ensures version control. 
  • Multi-cloud support: Nasuni can also leverage Amazon S3, Google Cloud Storage and any other cloud that provides an object store. 

Migration is fast and simple. The company’s professional services teams and certified partners can rapidly migrate StorSimple data into Azure (or other) object storage without interrupting ongoing operations or impeding access. The firm provides a range of offerings ranging from assisted to full migration, using procedures and tools.

With end-of-life for StorSimple quickly approaching, Microsoft is encouraging customers to establish migration plans.

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