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x-cellent technologies in Germany Integrates Lightbits Software

With platform-as-a-service metalstack.cloud

Lightbits Labs Ltd announced that x-cellent technologies GmbH, a German-based technology consultancy, will integrate their persistent storage running on Intel technologies into their metalstack.cloud infrastructure.


metalstack.cloud is a cloud service offering that was initiated by x-cellent technologies on base of open-source solutions like Gardener as an alternative to public cloud solutions. It targets customers and developers who require a secure tech platform to run Kubernetes as a Service for their applications from different industries and market domains, such as manufacturing companies, software companies, consulting companies, and start-ups. The service is produced and operated in Germany.

metalstack.cloud is a set of micro services that implements Kubernetes (K8s) as a service on bare metal and enables elastic cloud infrastructure. It leverages K8s clusters so that end users can securely launch their apps on the platform without having to worry about server hardware, networking, and storage management. The architecture is based on their open-source software, metal-stack.io, which was developed for the regulated financial sector and is being used by CSPs, including Finanz Informatik Technologie Service (FI-TS), which is also the developer of metal-stack.io and a Lightbits customer. By using metalstack.cloud end users have access to a full K8s stack to develop and run their applications on and can be up and running within 15mn.

We have found Lightbits to be a perfect match for K8s workloads, a much simpler, and higher performing alternative to Ceph and other enterprise storage solutions,” said Stefan Majer, CTO, x-cellent. “We have integrated Lightbits software with Intel high-performance hardware into our state-of-the-art, PaaS, metalstack.cloud, because it allows us to manage the entire infrastructure of the data center with a lot of flexibility and in a highly available way.

The combined solution of Lightbits software with Intel technologies delivers a combination of performance, resiliency, and cost-efficiency for any cloud. Together, the companies are helping customers address their complex data center needs enabling CSPs, like metalstack.cloud, to deliver fast, resilient, and secure services to their clients. The solution can be used as a data platform for any orchestration environment, such as OpenStack, or to run container-based applications in a Kubernetes environment as well as virtualized applications in a VMware vSphere environment.

We are proud that x-cellent technologies have chosen Lightbits for their cloud platforms. It’s a good match, as their business philosophy closely aligns with our own-build state-of-the-art, cloud data platforms that are simple to consume and deliver an unbeatable price-to-performance ratio at scale,” said Eran Kirzner, CEO, Lightbits Labs. “Our solutions help rid customers of the costly dependencies to hyperscalers, and vendor lock-in, but without compromising high-performance, security, scalability, and ease of use.

metalstack.cloud is in beta release, with availability in 2023.