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dStorage 0Chain Becomes Züs

Offering fast solutions for DeFi NFTs and Web3

dStorage 0Chain becomes Züs, offering fast solutions for DeFi NFTs, and the future of Web.


Emerging from dStorage 0Chain, Züs arrives to solve a major problem facing Web3: how can a decentralized Internet rely so heavily on centralized cloud data solutions?

Züs, an open source protocol, is a high-performance, fast decentralized storage network which will open the door to the limitless possibilities of Web3. It will finally take Web3 beyond the cloud.

As blockchain technology continues to evolve, so does how people and businesses use it. With Web3 now manifesting in full, an unprecedented amount of data, including sensitive personal, financial, and health data, is expected to aggregate. Yet much of the decentralized Internet continues to operate on centralized cloud servers. The company heralds a new era in how data is stored and accessed, creating a powerful economic catalyst for a new cloud industry.

0Chain has evolved from a blockchain technology, a journey we embarked on 5 years ago, to a cloud solution platform that empowers people and businesses to be limitless,” said Saswata Basu, CEO. “Züs is ready to power the full arrival of Web3.”

0Chain’s vision has been to empower people with access to and control over their own data. The change to Züs reflects the increased power of the chain through product development and economic model maturation, and symbolizes the company’s commitment to the Greek principles of fair and open governance.

Züs’s decentralized storage platform opens the door for people and businesses to be limitless, and enables small business growth and passive income for individuals.

Differentiating it from previous dStorage protocols, it is able to match AWS S3 performance. While platforms like Filecoin and IPFS are good for archival storage, their slower-than-average transaction speeds present long term limits for Web3 storage. The firm solves this problem through its parallel architecture, which has the benefits of better security, privacy, availability, and cost transparency.

Te firm also announced an ecosystem of dApps that will be available soon. Enabling limitless privacy, security, resiliency, and creativity, these dApps will change how individuals and businesses store and access their data, how NFT creators can enhance their asset value, and how DeFi can be de-risked.