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Nasuni File Data Services Keeps Power on for Energy Industry with Cyber Resilience and Hybrid Worker Support

Company experiences 165% increase in energy sector data under management and joins OSDU Forum.

Nasuni Corporation announced customer growth in the energy industry with data under management increasing by more than 165% since the end of 1Q21.

Nasuni Solution Oil Gas Scheme 2211

This growth is powered by a
n amount of cloud migrations, demand for high-performant file access and sharing capabilities from remote locations and the persistent need for business resiliency from threats such as ransomware.

As energy organisations accelerate cloud migrations, forward-thinking companies like Capricorn Energy, Core Laboratories, EnQuest, Fugro, Ithaca Energy, Subsea7 and Wood PLC are replacing legacy file storage and data protection with a modern File Data Services approach. As a result, the company is increasing its delivery of expertise and innovations specific to the energy segment.

In the energy industry, employees need immediate, easy access to their files whether they are out in the field, on an oil rig in the middle of the ocean or working from their home office,” said Malcolm Brown, manager, global IT, Geoactive. “Nasuni is able to provide exactly that – local file access performance and sharing while radically simplifying the management of file system infrastructure, protecting from ransomware and ensuring business continuity with the ability to restore any location within minutes. Nasuni proves to be an exceptional partner with great support. This, plus the fact that the solution is significantly lower in cost-of-ownership than traditional NAS and other cloud offerings is the icing on the cake.”

The company’s File Data Platform supports extreme remote locations, such as oil drilling rigs utilizing low-bandwidth satellite connectivity, allowing workers to share files and collaborate hundreds or thousands of miles apart. This capability enables the sharing of large seismic and CAD data files without bottlenecking the data line. The firm recently announced more remote and hybrid work capabilities, including secure VPN-less file access, accelerated file transfer and integrations with Microsoft 365 and Teams, bringing workers in the sector closer together.

Organisations in the energy industry not only need to share files and data from remote locations, but protect that information from disasters including ransomware,” said Russ Kennedy, CPO, Nasuni. “The well-publicized shutdown of the Colonial Pipeline in 2021 is still fresh on the minds of IT leaders in the sector. The File Data Platform provides the cyber resilience that helps protect, defend and recover from file-level ransomware attacks in minutes.

Nasuni Osdu Forum Scheme 2211

With a track record of providing a cloud-based file infrastructure for some of the world’s largest,  demanding energy companies, Nasuni has also joined the Open Surface Data Universe (OSDU) Forum, which ‘enables the energy industry to develop transformational technology to support the world’s changing energy needs.’ Comprised of more than 225 active members, the OSDU Forum and OSDU Data Platform are gaining momentum. The company’s energy customers, who are members of OSDU, are encouraged by the benefits the OSDU Data Platform is providing to the industry. Similarly, the major hyper-scaler cloud providers with whom the firm has alliance partnerships are all active members helping the platform evolve. This will offer the energy industry and its partners an open ecosystem to unlock the value of data so that smarter decisions get made faster.

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