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Start-Up Profile: SimpleBackups

In files and database backup

Company name (and legal name): SimpleBackups (Union Lab SRL BE 0772.884.914)

HQ and offices:
Brussels, Belgium

Date founded:
January 1, 2018


LemaireLaurent Lemaire is a software engineer turned entrepreneur with a passion for tech. He is currently working on building a backup experience for people who build the web. He founded multiple companies over the past year, including an E-Tourism platform that powers travel search engines like Smartair, a “real-estech” start-up, and multiple niche projects. He also worked as a consultant for various customers, from large-scale companies to start-ups.


EssamIslam Essam is a software engineer, with a background in scaling applications and architecture. With a passion for tech, he helped multiple companies grow and scale over the years. He is adept at “making what people will love using” and translates that into its approach to making software.



Both developers have been managing agencies, start-ups, and many side projects. They saw the need for a web application that does the job while keeping things simple. The main reason people postpone setting up backups is that it’s a boring task requiring maintenance. That’s why they decided to build an enjoyable-to-use and no-code solution, with a neat interface making sure nothing blocks from setting up backups. Ther mission is now to provide the necessary solution(s) for developers, agencies, start-ups, or any web professional to manage their backups. They succeed when none of the websites or databases you manage is left without a backup policy in place.

Financial funding:

Employees numbers:
2 founders, working with ~5 external people

Not revealed

Javascript, Python, PHP, Amazon Web Services, extensive use of API

SimpleBackups offers 4 main products:

  • Server/files backups
  • Database backups, with support of MySQL, PostgreSQL, MongoDB, Redis
  • Server/volume snapshots, with support of all the major IaaS
  • Storage replication, with support of all the major storage providers (AWS, Google, DigitalOcean, etc.)
  • No-code backups, allowing users to backup online services like Knack or GitHub

Pricing model and price:
Three plans ranging from $29/month to $169/month. Each plan allows a certain number of backups, to be configured as well as storage (firm’s SimpleStorage product), data transfer quota, and some features like automation.

The start-up is working on its organic SEO as well as helping its audience in forums and groups.

About 4,000 users

Workloads/use cases/applications:
The product comes in handy when having to deal with most kinds of backups. Any developer, agency, or start-up will face the need to have to back up servers, databases, storage, or even services. With SimpleBackups they can automate it in one central place, with the proper notifications, optimization, anomaly detection, and automation features. Some of company’s users are digital agencies, dealing with hundreds of projects, stored on a multitude of servers and each with a different tech stack, as well as start-ups (SaaS) having to backup large databases and critical applications, but also freelance developers dealing with a few dozen of projects.

Target market:
Digital/web agencies, developer, start-up, SaaS

Ottomatik, N-able


As stated above, SimpleBackups is a young European player dedicated to protect data for SMB web businesses with a clear coverage of bare metal and VM environments.

The product, acting as a data mover, is also an orchestrator. The team has developed an expertise in file and database backup covering MySQL, PostgreSQL, MongoDB and Redis but also in snapshots automation or replication leveraging storage features from below layers or services.

They recently added Storadera as a S3 target.

Different pricing models exist but a free plan is also available if users bring their own storage destination.