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SC22: UnifabriX Showcases CXL-Based Smart Memory Node with CXL 3.0 Fabric and RPU Expansion Card

Promising to unlock performance gains in both CPUs and memory that will upend HPC standards

UnifabriX, maker of the performance-focused CXL system, is announcing that it is exiting stealth mode to reveal the full scope of its CXL based product.

UnifabriX CXL-based smart memory node


UnifabriX Smart Memory Node offers data centers a lifeline for overcoming the processor and memory innovation gap, to unlock performance gains and utilize more CPU cores. With performance memory pooling and sharing coupled with extra memory bandwidth, the company is bringing the HPC industry a novel way to structure data centers and solve performance challenges and bottlenecks.

Unifabrix Cxl™ Based 2 2211

As a first company in the CXL arena to focus on performance, the firm is introducing its Resource Processing Unit (RPU), which evolves the Data Processing Unit (DPU) to unleash the power of CXL and PCIe, to improve the utilization of the CPU and increase system-wide bandwidth. The company’s developed prototype is set to be the first to report on performance with standardized industry-used benchmarking tools. With its RPU, the firm enables HPC and data centers players to move beyond the limits of traditional physical memory, bringing about the next-gen of HPC performance. Further enabling this shift is the company’s founding team, which were among the first to work on CXL technology and have the experience necessary to help achieve its full potential.

CXL-based smart memory expansion card

Unifabrix Cxl™ Based 3 2211

At SC22, the international conference for HPC, the company will showcase its Smart Memory Node based on UnifabriX RPU, in the CXL Consortium booth. The demo will involve multiple CXL-capable servers connected to 2 ‘Smart Memory Nodes’ that are connected through the first CXL 3.0 fabric. The CPUs will be able to access local memory, as well as remote memory across. It will also mark the 1st live demo to show enhanced performance related to core utilization, memory capacity, and bandwidth according to a recognized HPC framework. In addition, Danny Volkind, CTO and co-founder, will also be presenting a tech talk at Intels booth.

Setting out to achieve and document CXL enabled performance in a real environment according to an industry standard HPC benchmarking is a difficult task that we are excited to demonstrate live at SC22. We are setting out to showcase the significant improvements and immediate potential that CXL solutions provide, to upend HPC performance and close the gap between the evolution of processors and memory,” says Ronen Hyatt, CEO and co-founder. “UnifabriX solution goes above and beyond HPC performance demands. UnifabriX is excited to exit stealth mode with a holistic solution that is at the forefront of improving HPC performance.

“The CXL Consortium is pleased to have several practical technology demonstrations in our booth at SC’22, including the new Smart Memory Node system from member company UnifabriX,” said Siamak Tavallaei, president, CXL Consortium. “The direction UnifabriX is taking to significantly increase CPU and memory performance is exciting, to say the least, and we look forward to the impact this will have on the industry.

CXL technology is highly disruptive and very important to our cloud service provider and Enterprise OEM customers,” says Jim Dworkin, VP, cloud and enterprise acceleration division, Intel Corp. “We are thrilled to collaborate with the innovative team at Unifabrix and introduce the Smart Memory Node featuring the upcoming 4th Gen Intel Xeon processors, Agilex FPGAs and CXL IP.”

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