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Infortrend Adds HA Service on EonStor GS Unified Storage Solutions

To ensure service continuity for critical workloads

Infortrend Technology, Inc. debuts HA service on their EonStor GS unified storage solutions.

Infortrend Gs Ha Service Intro 2210

This feature improves storage redundancy, ensures continuous operations, and minimizes service disruption in unforeseen events.

EonStor GS is a unified storage system with dual redundant controllers designed for enterprises.Companies using the storage solutions can enjoy nonstop services when a single PSU/controller fails. However, continuous services are hardly guaranteed when encountering unforeseen locality events such as power outages and network disruptions. Planned events like scheduled maintenance and system update may still lead to operation downtime and revenue loss..

To help enterprises overcome these issues, the company offers HA service on EonStor GS to deliver uninterrupted operations with site resilience, realizing near-zero RTO and zero RPO.

To implement HA service, an enterprise deploys 2 storage systems at near sites. When one of them fails or malfunctions, the other immediately takes over all services. This operation is based on the ‘Auto failover/Auto failback’ mechanism where it constantly monitors the status of these 2 systems to ensure an automated, swift service transition. Besides, identical copies of data are stored on both systems, so that the HA mechanism ensures the services are taken over without users noticing. Additionally, the 2 systems can provide services to deliver workload balance and maximize storage performance efficiency.

EonStor GS coupled with HA Service brings great benefits to operations requiring nondisruptive services, such as finance, telecommunication, government and public sectors, energy, high-tech manufacturing, medical industry, etc.,” said Frank Lee, senior director, product planning. “Additionally, HA Service is also available on EonStor GSe single-controller unified storage to help SMBs provide continuous service even when one site malfunctions”.

EonStor GS and EonStor GSe

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