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Weebit Nano Technology Qualification of ReRAM Module

Manufactured by CEA-Leti

Weebit Nano Ltd. technology qualification of its Resistive Random-Access Memory (ReRAM) module manufactured by its R&D partner CEA-Leti.

Weebitnano Reram Qualification 2210

This is the first full qualification of the company’s technology, a key step that must be completed for every semiconductor product on each new target process.

The qualification, using the firm’s demo chips incorporating its ReRAM module, was performed based on well-known JEDEC industry standards for NVMs. It confirmed the suitability of Weebit’s embedded technology for volume production.

The JEDEC standards impose testing of many silicon dies blindly selected from 3 independent wafer lots, as well as collecting a significant data set for detailed analysis. Obtaining in-depth statistics with a standards-based approach is key to showing the maturity of the company’s ReRAM.

All the dies successfully passed the entire set of qualification tests, demonstrating the quality, repeatability and reliability of ReRAM, and confirming its suitability for volume production as embedded IP.

Results of qualification show endurance, long data retention before and after endurance testing, as well as industrial-grade high-temperature stability:

  • High endurance: 10,000 cycles (flash equivalent) endurance

  • 10 years’ data retention before and after endurance testing

  • Industrial-grade high-temperature stability – up to 85°C

  • 3x SMT cycles (by itself a powerful retention test)

These represent key advantages of the firm’s ReRAM compared to other embedded NVM technologies. The company is working to extend the qualification to higher temperatures and endurance levels.

 Coby Hanoch, CEO, Weebit Nano, said: “Successfully completing full qualification of our technology is a major milestone. As is customary for NVM qualification and semiconductors devices in general, tests are based on industry standards, providing confidence in the quality, repeatability and reliability of Weebit’s ReRAM. Leti’s state-of-the-art fab makes these qualification results significant and relevant for other foundries and potential customers and could be used by customers as a baseline for their qualification process. We are now engaged at various stages with multiple tier-1 foundries and semiconductor companies, and having achieved this milestone, our activities with potential customers are accelerating.

The ReRAM demo chip comprises a full sub-system for embedded applications, including the ReRAM module, a RISC-V microcontroller (MCU), system interfaces, memories and peripherals. The ReRAM module includes a 128Kb ReRAM array, control logic, decoders, IO/s communication elements and ECC. It is designed with patent-pending analog and digital smart circuitry running algorithms that enhance the memory array’s technical parameters.

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