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Cloudian Bolsters MSP Program

With new solutions and enhanced support

Cloudian, Inc. has enhanced its MSP program to help MSPs and Cloud Service Providers (CSPs) capitalize on new market opportunities by leveraging the company’s expanded object storage solutions portfolio and increased program benefits, including go-to-market and event support, joint business planning and additional training.

With over 300 MSP/CSP customers around the world – including 30 added over the past year – the company provides the foundation for a range of S3-compatible data management and protection service offerings, and the enhanced program reflects its commitment to helping these customers deliver greater value to their clients and drive more growth and profit.

Leading S3 Storage Platform for MSPs/CSPs
In recent years, the S3 API has emerged as a standard for cloud storage, with a vast ecosystem of S3-compatible technology providers and applications. Cloudian’s HyperStore object storage platform was architected to be fully S3-compatible from day 1 and continues to have advanced S3 compatibility. In addition, as the company initially focused on MSP customers, HyperStore has always included features such as multi-tenancy, quality-of-service and billing.

Other key HyperStore benefits include granular SLA management, data placement controls and security certifications such as Common Criteria, FIPS and SEC Rule 17a-4(f).

Foundation for New Value-Add Services
Cloudian has long provided a limitlessly scalable foundation for storage and protection services such as S3 Storage-as-a-Service, Backup-as-a-Service, Archive-as-a-Service and DR-as-a-Service. Over the past 2 years, the company has expanded its solutions portfolio and worked closely with Veeam, VMware, Splunk to enable MSPs/CSPs to offer new value-add services.

These include:

  • Ransomware Protection Services: Based on Cloudian’s S3 Object Lock, this service uses data immutability to prevent cybercriminals from encrypting or deleting a backup data copy, thereby enabling quick recovery of the unchanged backup without paying ransom.
  • Sovereign Cloud Services: With its native S3 API, EB-level scalability and multi-tenancy, the company enables MSPs/CSPs to offer locally based sovereign cloud services and further distinguish themselves from global hyperscalers.
  • Data Analytics Services: MSPs/CSPs can leverage firm’s native S3 compatibility for integration with analytics solutions such as VMware Tanzu Greenplum, SQL Server 2022 and Vertica.

Program Benefits: 

  • Sales and marketing support for joint events, go-to-market activities and sales campaigns
  • Joint business planning
  • Co-branded solution collateral­
  • Subscription and VMware cloud provider consumption pricing models
  • Partner portal for streamlined access to Cloudian tools, resources and educational materials
  • Online training to stay on top of the latest sales and technical information
  • Promotion on Cloudian’s website
  • 24×7 technical support

More about Cloudian program

We have a deep commitment to helping our customers improve their productivity and profitability by keeping their data safe, secure and readily available,” said Jon Williams, CTO, Calligo Limited. “With our Cloudian and Veeam-powered ransomware protection service offering, we’re able to assure our customers that their productivity need not be threatened even by such powerful and potentially debilitating cybersecurity threats.

AUCloud is Australia’s sovereign cloud IaaS provider and the first VMware recognized sovereign cloud provider in Australia, focused on meeting the specific data security needs of the Australian Government, Defense, Intelligence and Critical Infrastructure communities, as well as security conscious enterprises more broadly,” said Phil Dawson, MD, Sovereign Cloud Australia Pty Ltd (AUCloud). “Cloudian has played a central role in enabling us to meet the data management and protection needs of our customers, with key features such as modular scalability and multi-tenant resource pooling as well as certifications with the most stringent international security standards.

Traditional infrastructure solutions often cannot meet the cost, scalability and other requirements for supporting modern apps,” said Adam Svoboda, principal cybersecurity strategist, Eagle Technologies, Inc.Eagle has been at the forefront in helping our customers meet their evolving needs, and our Cloudian partnership has enabled us to pursue new market opportunities, deliver enhanced value to our customers and drive more profitable growth.

Cloudian met all our requirements, including scalability and high security standards,” says Martin Endreß, chief customer officer, IONOS, Inc.We noticed from the beginning that Cloudian takes the needs of European customers very seriously.

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