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2022 Ransomware Trends Report

One in 4 organizations able to recover from ransomware event by recovering from backups instead of paying ransom

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2022 Ransomware Trends Report
This analysis covers Veeam’s first broad-based market study on the impact of ransomware. Based on the findings from these results from 1,000 independent IT leaders who persevered through at least one (or more) cyberattacks in 2021:
• When bad actors are effective in their cyber attacks, 47% of an organization’s data will be encrypted (across a wide range of production IT platforms) with only a 69% recoverability rate, even after paying the ransom.
• One in 4 organizations was able to recover from their ransomware event by recovering from backups instead of paying the ransom. The three most important contributors to that success are:
1. Immutable/air-gapped backup repositories
2. Verifiably recoverable and assuredly “clean” data
3. Orchestrated workflows for recurring testing and reducing the time of remediation

While backup is inherent in most cyber recovery strategies, there is still significant improvement to be done between the cybersecurity, BC/DR, and IT backup teams.

Veeam 2022 Ransomware Trends