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Deceptive Flash Memory Summit 2022 – Update

Next edition supposed to be on August 8-10, 2013, with new name not revealed

We contact several times FMS to get more information on the 2022 show and decides to publish anyway an article Deceptive Flash Memory Summit 2022 with what we have.

Finally Jay Kramer, co-founder of FMS, president of Network Storage Advisors Inc., keynote master of ceremonies, chairperson business track, awards program, answers one day after the publication of our article to most of our questions:

Finally there was more than 3,000+ visitors, 4,194 of them being listed in the email list in 2022. [But we don’t know if this figure includes people registering for the show in advance and finally not attending. Ed.]

FMS 2022 was expanded to include all forms of high performance memory (DRAM, Storage Class Memory, NOR) and many future forms of memory (DNA, PCM, ReRAM, MRAM).

Kramer didn’t contest our figure of 76 booths, the lowest figure since 2012.

Tom Coughlin, in charge of FMS conferences, precised: “Available exhibit space was limited in terms of the number of spaces available because of public health rules in Santa Clara. We sold out of all the space we had available, including selling the space that was supposed to be for our FMS exhibit.”

FMS 2023 is scheduled on August 8-10 at the same location Santa Clara Convention Center in Santa Clara, CA. [We are waiting for a final confirmation. Ed.]

Organizers are looking at new names [as we suggested. Ed.] like Fast Memory Summit, Future Memory Summit and others for next edition.

Kramer added: “Considering that all the storage vendor events are down 2/3 from 2019 (Dell Technologies World from 15,000 to 5,000 and Pure Accelerate from 3,000 to 1,000), I think the attendance at FMS being down 1/3 is fantastic under the current circumstances on attending a large event with the current health and Covid situation. I am happy to say that all the vendors were very pleased with the event and planning to come back next year. We have already received interest from many more companies that want to be a part of FMS 2023.”