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FMS: Marvell Showcases With Partners Cloud-Optimized Storage and Memory Technologies

Showing industry collaborations that drive flash storage and FC connectivity solutions

Marvell Technology, Inc. announced the details of its participation at the Flash Memory Summit, Santa Clara Convention Center in Santa Clara, CA.

Marvell Braver Sc5 2208

booth you saw an industry’s first Compute Express Link (CXL) memory pooling demonstration addressing the challenges related to memory scaling in the cloud data center. With memory tied down to xPUs in current server architecture, the company‘s demo shows how CXL memory pooling can rescue under-utilized DRAM and scale memory independently. This brings full composability and infrastructure agility in the cloud data center, resulting in improved performance, utilization and total cost of ownership.

Additional demonstrations at the booth showcased its industry collaborations that drive flash storage and FC connectivity solutions.

These include:

  • MBravera SC5 controller a PCIe 5.0 SSD controller with support for multi-physical functions (PF) enabling guaranteed QoS in multi-tenant, cloud environments.
  • DapuStor’s Haishen5 SSD, powered by Bravera SC5 controller, showcasing both hardware and firmware optimized for low-latency IO where fast response is critical to scalable database and AI/ML applications and metaverse workloads.
  • Memblaze Technology Co., Ltd.‘s next-generation enterprise SSD solution with Bravera SC5 controller demonstrating PCIe 5.0 NVMe SSD performance for hyperscale cloud providers and storage system OEMs.
  • Company‘s Ethernet Bunch of Flash (EBOF) solution for NVMe/TCP delivering scalable performance and ease of deployment, making for enterprise and cloud applications.
  • Automotive Ethernet storage solution from Marvell and Exascend for advanced driver-assistance system (ADAS) data logging applications.
  • Qlogic FC VM technology using application telemetry to deliver advanced diagnostics, VM tracking and consistent performance in a SAN environment.
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