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Adata 31C Series 6Gb SATA 2.5-Inch/M.2 2280/M.2 2242 Up to 2TB SSDs With 112-Layer 3D NAND

Supporting -40°C to 85°C temperature

Adata Technology announces the industrial-grade 31C series 112-layer 3D NAND (BiCS5) SSD utilizing the 6Gb SATA interface.

Adata Industrial Ssd 2206 Intro

They include the ISSS31C 2.5-inch, IM2S31C8 M.2 2280, and IM2S31C4 M.2 2242 SSDs. They are designed to be energy efficient, feature high capacities, and are for high-load industrial systems relating to industrial computing, embedded devices, automation, networking, transportation, and other fields.

The industrial-grade ISSS31C 2.5-inch, IM2S31C8 M.2 2280, and IM2S31C4 M.2 2242 SSDs are all equipped with 112-layer 3D TLC (BiCS5) flash memory developed by Western Digital Corp. and Kioxia Corp. and come with a maximum capacity of 2TB. They have undergone temperature verification and testing to ensure they can operate optimally in a range of temperatures (from -40°C to 85°C) to ensure quality, reliability, and durability.

Adata 31c Ssd Tabl 2206

All 3 SSDs also feature Thermal Throttling technology, which automatically adjusts the device’s temperature, even within a fanless host device, to help improve the heat dissipation efficiency of the overall system. What’s more, with Wear Leveling technology, durability is enhanced for a longer product lifespan to meet the rigors of industrial systems, while a DRAM buffer reduces latency and improves random RW performance. For maximum data integrity and security, the SSDs sport an LDPC ECC mechanism and End-to-End Data Path Protection technology.

Wayne Lin, manager, industrial product management, commented: “Meeting the needs of our customers in different industries and providing high-quality storage solutions are the basis of Adata industrial software and hardware integration technologies. Taking into account the multiple advantages of capacity, cost, and speed, the R&D team at Adata introduced SLC Cache technology to improve the capabilities of high-capacity TLC memory. We also developed A+ SSDTOOL monitoring software to help users monitor the remaining capacity, service life, and other parameters in real-time. What’s more, with intelligent temperature control technology, the host device can be notified of temperature changes to activate the protection mechanism. Adata will continue to develop a variety of hardware and software integration technologies and incorporate them into our products to deliver industrial solutions with excellent functionality and value.

Adata Isss31c 2.5 Inch Ssd 2206

Adata Ssd 31c 2.5 Inch Spectabl

Adata Im2s31c8 M.2 2280 Ssd 2206

Adata 2s31c8 M2 2280 Ssd Spectabl

Adata Im2s31c4 M.2 2242 Ssd 2205Adata M2s31c4 M2 2242 Ssd Spectabl

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