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Druva Expands R&D in India

With presence in Hyderabad

Druva Inc. increased its headcount across India by 50% over the last 2 years and, in particular, has expanded its presence in Hyderabad where the company is focused on tapping the region’s cloud expertise to bolster its research, development and innovation initiatives.       

Druva Expands R&d Footprint In India

Historically based in Pune, where the company was founded in 2008, Druva’s engineering team has developed industry-firsts and SaaS technologies that have been critical to the launch of the at-scale SaaS platform for data resiliency, the Druva Data Resiliency Cloud. The engineering team has also been critical in delivering the reliable performance, enhanced user experience, workload coverage and lower overall cost that thousands of customers have experienced after pivoting from legacy solutions. Druva’s unrelenting focus on innovation has resulted in the company receiving a total of 29 patents to date, with 19 being awarded in last 3 years.

Increasingly today’s businesses require tools which can strengthen data resiliency and protect their ever-expanding number of workloads within SaaS solutions and cloud environments,” said Milind Borate, co-founder and chief development officer, Druva. “There is an exceptional level of SaaS technology talent across India and our recent expansion will allow Druva to continue to explore and build new technologies that can solve customer challenges to complex data problems.

For over a decade, Druva has been at the forefront in envisioning capabilities beyond data protection, exploring new technology and building innovative solutions. New workloads, growing security concerns, and evolving privacy and governance regulations have intensified itss R&D efforts towards innovations in the area of data resiliency.

As the company continues to expand its workload support and capabilities within the Data Resiliency Cloud, it plans to grow its total workforce in India to 750 employees by next spring. Specifically, the team in India will be focused on expanding its expertise in such areas and skills as AI, ML, data analytics, C, C++, Golang, and data structure.