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OSNexus Selected Cryptsoft KMIP SDK Technology for QuantaStor SDS Platform

Securing data-at-rest with encryption technology essential capability of storage solution, including SDS

Cryptsoft Pty Ltd.‘s Key Management Interoperability Client (KMIP) has been licensed to the OSNexus Corp., bringing market proven, industry validated KMIP technology to QuantaStor SDS platform.

Osnexus Licenses Cryptsoft's Kmip Sdk scheme 2206

Securing data-at-rest with encryption technology is an essential capability of any storage solution, including SDS. As storage moves from appliance-based to software defined solutions, managing the keys used for encryption becomes even more critical due to the multitude of locations encryption keys can be used in storage solutions. KMIP solves this management challenge with an open-standards-based, interoperable technology that also ensures the consumer avoids vendor lock-in and maintains control of their encryption keys.

As an OEM supplier of KMIP key management technology, our licensees demand that our solutions be a functionality complete and fully conformant implementation of the standard in order that they can support all the possible use cases their customers may require,” said Justin Corlett, business development manager, Cryptsoft. “One of Cryptsoft’s major values to our licensees is our market awareness of other KMIP implementations and our ability to ensure that the technology ‘just works’ for their customers, regardless of the KMIP implementation on the other side of the connection.

We’ve been heavily investing in security features and improvements for QuantaStor to meet customer demand. This includes our recent FIPS-140-2 certification from NIST to the KMIP support we introduced with QuantaStor 5.11.,” said Steven Umbehocker, CEO, OSNEXUS. “Now, with QuantaStor 5.12 we’ve taken our KMIP key management support a major leap forward with our new partnership with Cryptsoft. QuantaStor now leverages the industry leading Cryptsoft KMIP Client SDK which gives QuantaStor full support for the broad spectrum of KMIP servers on the market today.”

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