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Consulting Firm Woodard Reseller of Rewind Software

To offer backup and restore capabilities for QuickBooks online and MS365

Rewind Software, Inc. enters a partnership with Woodard Events, LLC, a consulting firm that offers accountants and bookkeepers education, coaching, resources, and professional communities.


Woodard will offer Rewind backups for QuickBooks online and backups for MS365 to over 1,000 clients around the world.

WoodardAs cyberattacks dramatically increase in the finance world, accountants and bookkeepers are facing significant compliance and fiduciary risks when it comes to protecting client data,” said Joe Woodard, CEO, Woodard. “Rewind’s backup and restoration technologies help small business advisors mitigate the risk of significant fines, operational downtime, and reputational damage in the event of data loss.

SaaS tools, like QuickBooks online and MS365, go to ensure their software is working at all times. However, they can’t automatically restore the data of individual businesses if it is deleted or compromised. Rewind’s own research has shown that over 40% of SaaS users have permanently lost data.

Many small business advisors don’t understand the inherent risks of storing financial data in the cloud,” added Mike Potter, co- founder and CEO, Rewind. “Cyber threats, human error, and corrupt CSV files can instantly wipe out client data, with no way to restore it.

Rewind integrates with platforms, including QuickBooks Online, to provide an automated backup and restoration solution. Firms will be able to perform a full-company file restore, as well as a single-item restore, which is a unique feature of the Rewind platform. With Rewind’s single-item restore, businesses can recover from human error without losing any subsequent work.

Rewind will be showcasing backups for QuickBooks online at the upcoming Scaling New Heights 2022 Conference at the Orlando World Center Marriott, in Orlando, FL on June 19-22.