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History (1999): Quantum Into Network Drives With Meridian Data

Acquired in stock transaction valued at around $85 million

Quantum has acquired Meridian Data in a stock transaction valued at around $85 million.

Meridian attained sales of $17.5 million in 1998, down 12% compared to 1997, for a $13.2 million loss.

Nor is it a particularly young company, around since 1988. The firm started with CD-ROMs, developing publishing tools and network software and servers.

However, this was not the draw for Quantum. Rather, Quantum is interested in a more recent specialization: the finalizing of a veritable NAS OS called Snap! Server, with well known reliability, that can accommodate up to 60 clients simultaneously, using 50 different OSs and protocols.

To increase network storage, Snap! Server disks now include 8, 16 and 32GB units with prices ranging from $995 to $2,495.

Quantum’s strategy is to implement a storage OS that will increase reliability and ease of use while lowering TCO for storage systems owners,” said Quantum’s DLT and storage systems group president Peter van Cuylenberg, who will now oversee Meridian Data which, like ATL Products, will operate as a subsidiary.

We can soon expect Quantum to release intelligent NAS tape and disk drives, and eventually even RAID systems that are directly connectable on a LAN.

During a conference call, Meridian Data’s CEO Gianluca Rattazzi specified that his firm would not cease its CD activities, and that the company employed 25 to 30 software people.

This article is an abstract of news published on issue 137 on June 1999 from the former paper version of Computer Data Storage Newsletter.