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Best Analyst Companies for Storage, About All of Them in USA

1/ IDC, 2/ Gartner, 3/ Trendfocus, 4/ TrendForce, 5/ Coldago, etc.

Following decades of background in the storage industry, we have ranked the best analysis companies for storage in the world. Note that these companies often favors their own clients in their reports as they pay a lot to be consulted on a regular basis.

1/ IDC
Covering a lot of storage topics with excellent analysts

2/ Gartner
WW leader in IT analysis with IDC, not covering as many topics, but with the bad habit to threaten to sue the press for copyright

3/ Trendfocus
Best one for its figures on HDD and components and more recently SSDs

4/ TrendForce
Excellent source to follow flash market

5/ Coldago
Most recent one-man firm headed by French Philippe Nicolas, especially analyzing cloud and software, organizer of IT Press Tour and collaborating with StorageNewsletter.com

6/ Objective Analysis
For the semiconductor industry, directed by Jim Handy

Regularly writing reports on storage software and cloud

8/ Evaluator Group
Dedicated to helping clients discover how products and architectures will impact their business, from information management and hybrid cloud to next-gen data center

9/ Coughlin Associates
President Tom Coughlin offering especially good analysis on M&E and HDDs/SSD markets and technologies

10/ Storage Switzerland
Headed by George Crump, analyst firm focused on storage, virtualization and cloud marketplaces

11/ Enterprise Storage Group
Division of TechTarget, IT analyst, research, validation, and strategy firm that provides market intelligence and actionable insight to the global IT community, directed by the famous Steve Duplessie

12/ IT Brand Pulse
Source of testing, research and analysis covering data center infrastructure

13/ Horison Information Strategies
Founded by Fred Moore, ardent defender of tape technology

There are also many other companies selling high-priced market reports especially on storage, like Allied Market Research, Expert Market Research, Fortune Business Insights, Future Marketing Insights, Grant Review Research, Industry ARC, Market Research, Meticulous Research, Transparency Market Research, etc. Avoid them.

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