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44th Edition of The IT Press Tour in California and Colorado

Visiting iXsystems, Lightbits Labs, Liqid, Nasuni, Quantum, Spectra Logic, Vast Data, Veritas and Weka

The IT Press Tour, event launched in June 2010, unveiled participating companies for the 44th edition scheduled the week of June 6 in California and Colorado.

Nine companies will participate to this new edition dedicated to IT infrastructure, storage and data management: iXsystems, Lightbits Labs, Liqid, Nasuni, Quantum, Spectra Logic, Vast Data, Veritas and Weka.

“2022 marks an acceleration for The IT Press Tour with already 3 in-person editions in the first 4 months of the year. With this coming 44th edition, the press group will visit and meet companies in California and Colorado for the first time. Doing online sessions during the Covid was really different and since January classic format is back. In June we’ll visit several companies we already met and for the very first time Veritas,” said Philippe Nicolas, creator of The IT Press Tour. “With the past 43th edition, we beat new records with more than 18,000 articles and mentions, visiting 256 companies, organizing 441 sessions and meeting 900+ CxO.”