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Samsung PRO Endurance Up to 256GB microSD Memory Card for Surveillance and Dashboard Cameras

From $11 (32GB) to $55 (256GB), up to 100MB/s and 40MB/s RW speeds, delivering up to 16 years of continuous recording time

Samsung Electronics America announced the microSD card PRO Endurance.

Samsung Pro Endurance Microsd Mb Mj256k 2205

Designed to meet the demands of surveillance cameras, dashboard cameras, doorbell cameras, body cameras and more, the card offers improved endurance and performance for smooth and reliable continuous capture and playback.

From CCTV to doorbell cameras, our newest PRO Endurance card is designed to support the increasing demand for long-lasting and high-performance video surveillance solutions,said Jim Kiczek, VP, memory marketing. Consumers and enterprise users can trust our new high-endurance memory card to ensure continuous video recording in high resolution even under extreme conditions.

Strengthened endurance
Built with the company’s enterprise-grade NAND flash memory, the PRO Endurance card can deliver up to 16 years (140,160 hours) [1] of continuous recording time to ensure every critical moment is captured. This means a single PRO Endurance card can last as long as up to 33 typical speed-focused cards [2], saving frequent replacement costs and providing greater reliability for always-on video monitoring.

Improved performance
These firm’s memory card also offers RW speeds of up to 100MB/s and 40MB/s [3], respectively, and is rated Class 10 with video speed ratings of up to U3 (UHS Speed Class 3) and V30 (Video Speed Class 30) [4]. This makes it for handling large, high-resolution files while enabling seamless recording and playback in Full HD and 4K.

Since outdoor surveillance and body cameras can be subject to harsh environments, the card has been engineered to offer performance in everyday use with the company’s reinforced 6-proof durability. In addition to protection vs. water, magnets, X-rays and extreme temperatures, the card is now wear out-proof and drop-proof [5].

Samsung Microsd Pro Endurance Multiples Cards 2205

Available in capacities of 32, 64, 128 and 256GB with the MSRP ranging from $10.99 for the 32GB to $54.99 for the 256GB, the PRO Endurance card is available WW starting May 3.

[1] Varies by capacity; 256GB model up to 140,160 hours, 128GB model up to 70,080 hours, 64GB model up to 35,040 hours, 32GB model up to 17,520 hours. Based on Full HD (1,920×1,080) video content recorded at 26MB/s (3.25MB/s). Actual continuous recording time may vary depending on battery capacity of camera
[2] Based on comparison of internal tests with Samsung EVO Plus card of the same capacity.
[3] Performance results are based on internal testing conditions. Transfer speeds may vary by host device.
[4] Varies by capacity; U3, V30 for 128/256GB models, and U1, V10 for 32/64GB
[5] Based on internal test. Test conditions are: Water: 72 hours in 1m depth of seawater, Wearout: a durability test of 10,000 swipes, Drop: up to 5m (16.4 feet), Magnet: up to 15,000 Gauss (equivalent of a high-field MRI scanner), X-ray: up to 100mgy (equivalent of airport X-ray machines), Temperature: -13°F to 185°F (-25°C to 85°C) operating, -40°F to 185°F (-40°C to 85°C) non-operating.