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Everspin Sampling Family of SPI/QSPI/xSPI Interface MRAM Products

Persistent memory with RW bandwidth of 400MB/s through JEDEC expanded Serial Peripheral Interface interface, bringing 10-year data retention, temperature range of -40°C to +85°C

Everspin Technologies, Inc. has begun customer sampling of its family of SPI/QSPI/xSPI interface MRAM products.

Everspin Emxxlx Xspi Chips 2205

The EMxxLX is a high performance persistent memory with read and write bandwidth of 400MB/s through the JEDEC expanded Serial Peripheral Interface (xSPI) standard interface. With densities ranging from 8Mb up to 64Mb, this family of products is targeted for use in industrial IoT and embedded systems applications.

The EMxxLX family provides a breakthrough level of performance along with an ease-of-use approach. This is achieved by conforming to a broad range of SPI/QSPI/xSPI industry standards, and by bringing extremely high bandwidth, low latency, non-volatile writing capability. These features will both enhance and simplify system design for use with practically all microcontroller, microprocessor, and FPGA platforms already in the market,” said Sanjeev Aggarwal, president and CEO.

Everspin Emxxlx Xspi Scheme 2205

The family is offered in 2 package types, a 24-ball BGA and 8-pin DFN, both standard packages. The company has optimized its proprietary Spin-transfer Torque MRAM (STT-MRAM) to bring 10-year data retention, virtually unlimited write cycle endurance and a 200MHz DDR clock rate over an industrial temperature range of -40°C to +85°C.

Customers are evaluating samples of the product now.

With Everspin’s announcement of their latest EMxxLX product family, and the increase in performance and densities, Siemens is eager to explore the advantages for our next gen platform evaluation,” said Wolfgang Ernst, senior key expert, Siemens AG

The JEDEC xSPI standard is expected to become a prevalent way to access data memory and code storage in embedded systems. The EMxxLX will be supported by the xSPI Multiple Bus Memory Controller from the company’s partner, Synaptic Laboratories Ltd. (SLL). SLL’s xSPI MBMC IP supports popular FPGA device families, and soon ASIC, at up to 400MB/s wire speed.

The EMxxLX family changes the non-volatile memory game for all embedded designs. When combined with SLL’s xSPI Multiple Bus Memory Controller, and COTS development boards, embedded system designers will be able to rapidly take advantage of the exciting benefits of these memories,” said Benjamin Gittins, CTO, SLL. 

Volume production shipments of the EMxxLX series will be available in 2H22