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ESEN Selects Avalanche Technology Persistent SRAM for Industrial Safety Products

Using P-SRAM for control computers to assure data safety during flight

Avalanche Technology, Inc. is providing Persistent SRAM (P-SRAM) products for control computers developed by ESEN.

This later has designed the company’s 16Mb performance Serial P-SRAM devices into its reliability flight safety computer products.

It chose P-SRAM for its control computers to assure data safety during flight. The gen 2 products were selected for their ease of use, instant write capability, practically unlimited endurance and data retention in harsh environmental conditions. The company is a supplier of low voltage MRAM products at 16Mb density operating at 1.8V in a small form factor with a serial interface.

Avalanche’s family of P-SRAM non-volatile memory devices not only has the performance and reliability needed for our safety computers, but also fits our endurance and reliability requirements for aerospace products,” said Volkan Altuntas, hardware team lead, ESEN. “ESEN is committed to delivering high reliability safety products to clients globally.”

Avalanche’s high reliability P-SRAM provides a number of benefits, including non-volatility with instant write capability, and an extremely low power envelope for a given density operating at 1.8V, to designers of high reliability safety systems,” said Danny Sabour, VP product, marketing and business development, Avalanche. “The aerospace sector requires high density local memory storage in a small form factor with a low pin-count serial bus due to a lack of guaranteed connection to the Internet.

Avalanche P-SRAM
The company’s performance Serial P-SRAM is based on STT-MRAM (Spin Transfer Torque MRAM) and is available in 1Mb-16Mb density options, and is a non-volatile RAM for applications that must store and retrieve data without incurring large latency penalties. These devices offer low power, and virtually infinite endurance and retention. They are available in standard small-footprint packages that are for form-factor-constrained IoT applications as well as Industry 4.0 applications for non-volatile memories.

This Parallel P-SRAM is also based on the same reliable non-volatile STT-MRAM technology and is available in 1Mb-64Mb density options. These devices come with a standard 35-nanosecond asynchronous SRAM interface and offer low power, and virtually infinite endurance and retention. These devices are for non-volatile memory applications such as program storage and data logging in factory automation, motor control, human machine interfaces, smart meters, and multifunction printers.

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