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Hammerspace Expands in European

With London, UK-based Office, sales leadership and channel expansion

Hammerspace, Inc. has expanded its European presence to provide organizations with ability to consolidate datacenter and cloud storage while orchestrating global data to decentralized applications and users.

Over 35% of its customer base is in EMEA whose growth has been fueled by the availability of its software in local regions of AWS, Azure and Google Cloud. The addition of a London-based hub, local sales team, and a new distribution partner enables the company to support its EMEA customers most effectively and accelerate business in high-growth markets.

Chris Bowen, Svp Of Global Sales, HammerspaceLed by Chris Bowen, SVP of global sales, the new EMEA team includes Spinnakar Ltd as the strategic distribution partner, Iain Malins sales director, and Ian Marcroft as technical director.



Hammerspace has a 100% channel strategy and has selected this team to help users architect and deploy a solution to bring all their distributed datacenter and cloud data together into a global data environment.

Hammerspace intends to continue adding EMEA local sales, technical, and support teams throughout 2022.

Hammerspace is advancing the way organizations access and manage their massive data sets, making it possible for distributed organizations to accelerate innovation and deliver the ‘just-in-time’ performance and access to data that a remote workforce requires,” said Gerard Brophy, MD, Spinnakar. “We are thrilled to bring the Hammerspace Global Data Environment to our partners and customer base across Europe.

Spinnakar connects Hammerspace with an expansive reseller network.

Wolfgang Siegl, MD, treeConsult GmbH in Munich, Germany, said: “The volume of data is growing uncontrollably, at the same time the use of cloud-native storage is increasing. Companies must have all data available and under control at all times with fast, easy and cost-effective access. The Hammerspace solution provides the management and handling of data above underlying storage systems and is the only approach for future storage concepts.

The global data era has arrived, accelerated by pandemic-induced decentralizing shifts in organizational operations and talent resources. Data is increasingly being created and stored in a variety of locations – at the edge, in multiple data centers and cloud regions. As a result, data needs to be a globally consolidated and consumable resource.

The Hammerspace platform delivers performance, local R/W data access to global users and applications, of all of an organization’s data, no matter where it is stored. It enables users working from anywhere access to use their choice of applications, compute resources, and data to do their jobs.

The Hammerspace Global Data Environment is a game-changer for the global economy, solving the challenges of today’s data-driven businesses,” said David Flynn, Hammerspace CEO and co-founder. “Hammerspace makes a productive remote workforce possible with high-performance, local access to data spanning data centers and clouds. We are excited to expand our European presence with a world-class team and distribution and channel partnerships.

The company’s expansion will bolster its EMEA presence and support an expanding set of customers across a diverse set of data-intensive industries, including organizations leveraging remote talent such as autonomous vehicle, electronic design automation (EDA), HPC, visual effects (VFX), animation, and post-production, and life sciences organizations focused on areas such as genomics, microscopy and pharmaceutical research.

The new sales London-based, Malins and Marcroft, are seasoned data storage professionals who know the technology landscape and the EMEA market and bring track records of driving customers’ success with solutions.

Businesses are struggling with the increasing demands of the distributed workforce, hybrid cloud environments, and multi-cloud deployments; it has never been more critical to orchestrate and manage global data resources,” said Malins. “I am excited to bring Hammerspace’s Global Data Environment to my customers in EMEA, to provide solutions to these key issues.

I am really looking forward to being able to go into my media customers in Soho with a Global File System that is fit for purpose,” said Marcroft. “I have spent around 10 years in the M&E sector both at Isilon and Qumulo and one the most frequently requested features was a global namespace. Most of my customers want to maintain on-prem storage for regular workflows and burst to the cloud when larger 8K and 16K projects are needed. They also have a multi-cloud strategy and need to quickly build systems using infrastructure as code. Hammerspace will give them the ability to quickly orchestrate workflows in different regions and across cloud vendors to enable cloud hopping.

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The Hammerspace global data environment solves data accessibility challenges for decentralized users, applications, and data wherever they are located.

  • Any datacenter, any cloud, any region, anywhere: It enables organizations to store, protect and operate on data by moving it to the best location to access compute resources, take advantage of the lowest cost infrastructure, and make files locally available to distributed workforces. For example, the vendor runs its software locally in all of the different public cloud regions across EMEA for AWS, Azure, and Google Cloud.
  • Applications Anywhere: Applications can access data stored in remote locations while using automated orchestration tools to provide local access when needed for processing.
  • Users Anywhere: People are increasingly working from all parts of the world. Organizations seek to grow their talent pools with access to team members no matter where they reside. The Hammerspace global data environment automates and optimizes the movement of data and eliminates the need to replicate a full copy of the data at each site, enabling the enterprise to work more efficiently and cost-effectively.