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Fadu Mass Producing First-Gen FC3081 and Second-Gen FC4121 SSD Controllers

Up to 7.3MB/s and 4.8MB/s sequential RW for FC4121, and 1,500,000 IO/s and 185,000 IO/s random RW

Fadu Technology, Inc. announced that its first-gen FC3081 and second-gen FC4121 SSD controllers are in mass production.

Fadu Ssd Controllers 2202

These SSD controllers are compliant with the Open Compute Project (OCP) NVMe Cloud SSD specs. They satisfy the demands of data center workloads. Defined by data center providers, including Meta (formerly known as Facebook), the OCP spec is a set of unified, interoperable standards, enabling SSD and SSD controller vendors to work efficiently with next-gen storage design.

As data center needs evolve, they place challenging demands on SSD storage innovator’s ability to deliver increased performance at low power,” said Ross Stenfort, hardware storage engineer, Meta Platforms, Inc.Fadu’s SSD controllers support OCP Cloud SSD specs with E1.S to meet the next gen of Hyperscale needs.

The FC3081, deliver 100,000 IO/s/watt. The FC4121 doubles SSD performance over the first gen with a sequential read of 7.3MB/s, sequential write of 4.8MB/s, random read of 1,500,000 IO/s, and random write of 185,000 IO/s.

Fadu’s SSD controllers have been adopted by a few major companies, including memory and SSD companies such as SK Hynix. Clearing a major milestone by entering mass production, Fadu has proven its capability to fulfill the demands from the global data center market. Starting this year, you will see many high-end SSD products using Fadu controllers in the market.” said Jihyo Lee, CEO, Fadu.

The company will continue to release storage solutions including high-end SSD controllers, as well as CXL solutions, based on partnerships with memory makers and data centers.


Fadu Ssd Fc4121 Gen4 Controller ChipFadu Fc4121 Ssd Controller Spectabl

Fadu Controller G3 3081 Chip

Fadu Fc3081 Ssd Controller Spectabl

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