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HDD Shipments Perfectly Flat Y/Y in 2021 at 259 Million Units But Record 1.3ZB Capacity

One billion HDDs shipped since 1976 but regularly down since 2010

Here is an abstract of a report, SDAS: HDD Information Service, CQ4’21 Quarterly Update – Executive Summary – January 31, 2022, by Trendfocus, Inc.

2021 HDD Industry Summary
HDD Market Tops 1.3ZB of Capacity Shipped,
Up a Sharp 31% Y/Y
Flat at 259 Million Units on Partial Pandemic Recovery

2021 WW HDD shipments

Vendor HDDs in million Y/Y change
Market share
Exabytes shipped
Seagate 110.30 -0.6% 42.6% 612.79
Toshiba 54.68 3.6% 21.1% 187.24
WDC 94.00 -2.1% 36.3% 537.94
TOTAL 258.98
100.0% 1,337.97






Below is a chart with all the number of HDDs shipped each year since 1976.

Global total is 9,993,685 units - not far from one billion - or 222,082 per year -, with a record of 651,320 in 2010 and then diminishing about each year. This trend will continue in the next years. On the contrary, the number of exabytes shipped about always increased and it will be also the cases next years, pushed by the growing market of high-capacity drives.

≠ of HDDs shipped each year since 1976

Trendfocus 2021 History(Sources: Disk/Trend, IDC and Trendfocus)