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Predictions of Storage Vendors for 2022

From 53 companies

Like every year, StorageNewsletter.com asked vendors for their 2022 perspectives, following yesterday’s top news on the opinion on 26 storage vendors on 2021.

Based on the collect of vendors inputs and find out some leading topics, here are the top predictions from 53 answers :

  1. By far, the #1 prediction is related to cloud and edge in all its forms, hybrid and multi, coupled with the operating and charge model.
  2. Second topic is represented obviously by cybersecurity and its strong threat ransomware. It comes after 2021 when there have been significant attacks.
  3. Very close we identified AI/ML and GPU and everything related to data Pprotection at large.
  4. Object storage and especially used in the container Kubernetes environments arrived in 4th position.
  5. and finally cloud-native, container and Kubernetes.

Download the full report here.