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Komprise Adds Support for AWS File Storage and Analytics Services

To accelerate file migrations to cloud and maximize use of cloud-native data analytics services

Komprise, Inc. announced expanded support for new AWS file services to accelerate petabyte-scale file data migrations to the cloud, while enabling the use of native AWS data analytics and ML services to maximize data value.

Komprise Aws

Komprise, an AWS Advanced Technology Partner which recently achieved AWS Migration Competency, is at the forefront of leveraging new AWS innovations:

  • Data replication, migration, and file tiering with Amazon FSx for NetApp ONTAP. Customers can leverage the managed AWS service built on NetApp’s ONTAP file system. Komprise enables cloud replication and cloud data migration from any NAS to Amazon FSx for ONTAP. Furthermore, its tiers at the file level, not block, to shrink not just storage but also backup and DR costs on FSx. Komprise Transparent Move Technology enables user to access the tiered files both from Amazon FSx and natively on Amazon S3.
  • Simplify large data transfers via AWS Snowball. The firm brings automated migration workflow to AWS Snowball for organizations that have petabytes of file or object data which must be divided among multiple Snowball units and shipped to an Amazon data center. Select Amazon S3 destination, source, and associate as many AWS Snowball devices as desired. Komprise does the rest.
  • Support for latest Amazon S3 tier, Amazon S3 Glacier Instant Retrieval. Company will support the new Amazon S3 tier and class, Amazon S3 Glacier Instant Retrieval, early next year. 
  • Deep Analytics Actions for data pipelines to AWS AI, ML, and data lakes. Amazon offers a variety of AI and ML services for file data such as Amazon Comprehend for Natural Language Processing and Personal Identifiable Information (PII) Detection. But since files are scattered across multiple S3 buckets and file storage classes, searching and finding the right data to analyze can be a challenge. Komprise enables ingestion of files and object data into AWS AI/ML and data lake services by providing a global file index so you can search across all S3 buckets and file storage. Komprise Deep Analytics Actions policies then systematically ingest just the right data into native AWS AI, ML, and data lake services.

IT leaders know that getting data to the cloud is just the first step,” said Kumar Goswami, CEO. “It’s about how you leverage the flexibility and innovation of the cloud to deliver meaningful long-term benefits to the organization and its customers. Komprise Intelligent Data Management continues to invest in AWS so that our customers not only save on storage but can leverage cloud-native data services and tools to drive revenue-generating insights and better business outcomes.

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