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Ulink DA Drive Analyzer AI-Based Drive Failure Prediction Service for Qnap NAS

Can predict if HDDs and SSDs will fail soon.

With Ulink Technology, Inc.‘s DA Drive Analyzer, Qnap Systems, Inc.’s NAS owners can predict if their HDDs and SSDs will fail soon – whether they are casual or power users.

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In essence, this allows NAS users to add another layer of protection to their data to obtain this service provided by Ulink by purchasing one or more licenses from Qnap’s Software Store.

DA Drive Analyzer‘s AI is based on neural network technology that has been trained on multiple drive models from different manufacturers to maximize its generalizability across different drives. When predicting a drive’s chances of failing, it considers patterns in the drive’s behavior over time.

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As a leading storage vendor, Qnap is acutely aware that potential server down time is a critical concern for Qnap NAS users and sudden drive failure is one of its primary causes. We are honored to have the chance to partner with Ulink to develop the DA Drive Analyzer to help users, especially IT staff who must manage large numbers of NAS devices. We envision that the DA Drive Analyzer will be a great assist to users looking to build advanced DR plans,” said Tim Lin, product manager, Qnap.

AI is a new technology that has tackled many real-life problems. By applying this technology to disk failure prediction, Ulink can actively and continuously monitor drives, detect problems, predict failures, and notify end users with our unique cloud-based data processing system. We are fortunate to have worked with Qnap to create this service, and we believe that many will benefit from it,” said Joseph Chen, CEO, Ulink .

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DA Drive Analyzer will be offered for free to the company’s NAS users during the first 3 months following its release as part of a limited-time promotion so they can try out this service.

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A NAS owner can get this service by downloading the DA Drive Analyzer App from App Center and purchasing licenses for the drives they want to cover. After activating the licenses, the app will upload drive health data to a cloud-based server, where an AI-based algorithm processes the data to determine whether a drive is at risk of failing or not. The drive failure predictions can be viewed in the Qnap App and on Ulink’s DA Drive Analyzer web portal, where users can explore detailed drive health information. Email notifications are provided so users can be warned about potential problems.

Ulink plans to expand DA Drive Analyzer’s service to cover more devices in the future.

About Ulink Technology
Headquartered in Santa Clara, CA, it is a developer providing mass storage test tools for HDD and SSD storage devices. It is committed to providing non-proprietary third-party test tools, to enhance standardization and compatibility of tested devices, and to help speed up product time to market. Testing the integrity of storage devices has always been firm’s business and bringing that experience to drive failure prediction is the next step for the company.

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