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HPE Validated Solution for Edge Environments From StorMagic and Commvault

To protect edge-to-edge, edge-to-core, or edge-to-cloud workloads

StorMagic Ltd. announced that SvSAN and Commvault Backup & Recovery software have been validated with Hewlett Packard Enterprise Development LP (HPE)‘s portfolio of server platforms, ranging from HPE Edgeline to ProLiant.

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Stormagic Svsan With Commvault Scheme1

Available through the HPE Complete Program, the validated solution allows customers to protect edge-to-edge, edge-to-core, or edge-to-cloud workloads, while maintaining performance and processing, all in a minimal footprint.

As more organizations transition away from the primary datacenter and focus on their edge sites, they find that they require a complete data protection solution for the edge that is reliable, flexible and easy to use,” said Wenceslao Lada, VP, technical alliances, Commvault Systems, Inc.The combination delivered by StorMagic, Commvault and HPE provides agility, scalability and improved efficiency around edge data protection, to ensure data availability for all workloads.

Commvault’s Backup & Recovery software delivers enterprise-grade protection and recovery of VMs, containers, databases, applications, endpoints and files, both at the edge and in the cloud. SvSAN is a virtual SAN designed for the edge that runs on any 2 HPE servers and creates a hyperconverged platform for users to run all of their local applications with 100% uptime. These servers running SvSAN protected by Commvault software can replicate workloads on the edge, back to core, or to the cloud, while restoring to any infrastructure, thus providing superior protection for business operations at the edge.

StorMagic with Commvault complements HPE servers by adding data protection features like software RAID and synchronous mirroring, along with powerful backup and recovery to ensure data availability,” said Brian Grainger, president and chief revenue officer, StorMagic. “We are excited to partner with Commvault and HPE to help our customers meet demanding recovery needs, control costs and ensure uptime, with a complete solution that is ideal for edge computing sites.

This solution includes 2 HPE servers, Commvault Backup & Recovery and SvSAN.

Available, the offering can be purchased by end users globally through HPE complete partners.

StorMagic SvSAN with Commvault Solution Brief