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Israeli Speedb Out of Stealth Mode After Raising $4 Million in November 2020

Announces strategic alliance with Redis.

Speedb LTD, the drop-in embeddable solution compliant with RocksDB storage engines, comes out of stealth after raising a $4 million seed funding round from Hyperwise Ventures in November 2020.

It now announced a strategic alliance with Redis Ltd., the home of the leading real-time data platform. Its enterprise-grade data engine technology will now be offered by Redis to their more than 8,000 customers as an option to support the largest deployments for Redis on flash use cases. With Speedb as the data engine, Redis on flash can generate up to double throughput, with half the latency, and double the capacity as compared to the same deployment with the RocksDB storage engine. Most importantly, when deployed with Speedb, Redis on flash provides faster performance while remaining cost-efficient as a customer’s dataset grows.

The leading storage engines on the market currently offer poor performance as the capacity increases. As the volume of data grows, and data becomes more integrated into every part of the organization, it becomes a challenge for database administrators and developers to efficiently manage the data. Current storage engines face limitations when scaling large datasets and fail to keep up with the demand. Developers have no choice but to compromise on essential elements which are critical for high-performing production workloads, whether it is capacity, scalability, cost, or performance, and are forced to take on tedious tasks of data management.


The Speedb data engine introduces an architecture designed for hyperscale data operations. Built for write-intensive workloads, it enables RocksDB users to meet the most demanding data needs without making any changes to their applications, and achieve in-memory speed, at deep storage scale, and out of memory costs.

Speedb’s main advantages include:
Eliminating spikes in user latency: New compaction method reduces write amplification (WAF) for large-scale log-structured merge tree (LSM tree) and eliminates I/O hangs on writes for faster performance.
Reducing the need for sharding and tuning key-value store: The technology allows more applications to run on a single dataset, minimizing developers’ operational tasks, and freeing them to focus on delivering real business value.
Utilizing less CPU and memory: The technology allows for a lower CPU and memory consumption compared to the existing solutions even as the data scales.
Providing enterprise-grade capabilities: Customer support and bespoke customization services, adaptive auto-tuning to ensure high performance for any workload, advanced monitoring, and reporting.

We are excited to take this next step in launching Speedb with the trust and recognition of a leader in the database industry,” said Adi Gelvan, CEO and co-founder. “We’re looking forward to strengthening our relationship with the developer community and providing them with a data engine solution that is not only easy and efficient to manage but also surpasses the limitations developers now face with the current storage engines.”

Speedb has demonstrated the ability to provide our customers an impressive performance and scale boost companies require as their Redis on flash deployments grow in size. We believe the option of Speedb as the storage engine for Redis on flash will offer a very attractive, cost-efficient solution for companies without sacrificing the speed expected from Redis,” said Yiftach Shoolman, co-founder and CTO, Redis. “Speedb’s vast understanding and deep technical background in the storage space make them an exciting choice to work with, and we see great promise in our ongoing collaboration enabling our customers to tackle the exponential growth in their real-time data under an attractive TCO while keeping the speed of Redis.”

We are proud to lead the seed round and partner with Speedb in its exciting journey to success. With the huge increase in data volumes managed by enterprises, especially in the AI/ML, IoT and 5G arena, there is a critical and immediate need for significant innovation and technology breakthrough in the way data is stored and manipulated,” says Nathan Shuchami, managing partner, Hyperwise Ventures. “Speedb is on its way to become the global market leader in the Data Engine space, and the strategic collaboration with Redis is a significant milestone in its way to success.”

About Speedb
It was founded in Tel Aviv, Israel in November 2020 to change the data management world. After working together at Infinidat LTD, the leadership team recognized the limitations within existing storage technologies, so they created Speedb, a drop-in replacement for RocksDB embedded storage engine. Firm’s mission is to help companies evolve their hyperscale data operations with limitless scale and performance without compromising storage capacity and agility.

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