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Availability of Atempo Miria for Analytics With Storage and Dataset Assessment Delivering Intelligent Insights

Extends Miria all-in-one offering for backup, migration, archiving and synchronization to include core analytics feature to manage challenges of large datasets distributed across heterogeneous storage silos.

Atempo SAS announced the availability of Miria for Analytics, the latest version of its Miria data management solution for large volumes of unstructured data.

Atempo Announces The Availability Of Miria For Analytics

Designed to provide users with an easy-to-use and performance experience, this release extends Miria’s all-in-one offering for backup, migration, archiving and synchronization to include a core analytics feature to manage the challenges of large datasets distributed across heterogeneous storage silos.

Miria for Analytics adds to the functionality of the company’s Miria, by providing organizations a consolidated view of their data and comprehensive reporting on storage activity through a single UI.

Hybrid infrastructures are adding complexity when it comes to understanding the usage of data across multiple storage,” explained Ferhat Kaddour, VP, sales and alliances. “End-users are in need to quickly and efficiently assess their storage and dataset usage in order to optimize their workflows, improve the TCO and, deliver new services to their business users

Atempo Miria For Analytic Scheme

The solution scans across all infrastructures to enable end users to easily locate and identify file data based on its metadata. As a result, organizations can leverage Miria for Analytics to make appropriate decisions about moving and archiving data while maintaining governance requirements.

With its automation features, its dashboards and in-depth performance reporting, Miria for Analytics provides accurate monitoring of storage requirements and space allocation allowing companies to adjust or anticipate future storage requirements.

It allows users to monitor storage needs by identifying the location of ‘cold’ or non-critical data and decide where to archive and move to less expensive storage such as tape or cloud. This allows organizations to reduce storage-related costs.

Solving pain points for end users is in our DNA. Our feedback indicates that customers, more than ever, need to assess their data sets located on heterogenous storages including, analyzing and tiering,” stated Louis-Frederic Laszlo, director, product management, Atempo. “Miria for Analytics brings a real value to companies having to manage distributed file datasets allowing them to better control, anticipate and optimize the use of their data to save both time and money and develop new workflows.”

Atempo Miria For Analytic

Key features :

  • Utilization (hot/cold)

  • Localization

  • Data usage/age

  • Tag Data to enrich, group insights or run tasks

  • Supports GPFS, Lustre, Storenext filesystems, and all major NAS without any size limit

  • Compatible with all browsers, the solution is also accessible from a device such a tablet

Miria for Analytics is available to all Miria solution users at no extra cost. The Analytics features are included into the current Miria backup, migration, archiving or synchronization license.

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