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SIOS Protection Suite for Linux V.9.6 Enhances Data Integrity Protection in Azure

And enables up to "5x" faster recovery time for SAP HANA databases.

SIOS Technology Corp. announced the Protection Suite for Linux version 9.6.

Sios Protection Suite For Linux Intro

This version of its clustering software enhances data integrity protection in Azure and enables up to 5x faster recovery time for SAP HANA databases.

It lets IT managers run their business-critical applications in a flexible, scalable cloud environment, such as Azure, without sacrificing performance, HA or disaster protection. With the firm’ Linux clustering software, customers can create a SANless cluster that uses only local storage, delivering cluster protection in cloud environments where shared storage solutions are impractical or impossible.

The enhancements in the latest release demonstrate our continued focus on delivering flexible, reliable HA for critical applications such as SAP S4/HANA in the cloud,” said Masahiro Arai, COO.

Protection Suite for Linux, V 9.6
mechanism for Azure eliminates ‘Split Brain’
The SIOS Azure fencing mechanism in V 9.6 integrates closely with native Azure fencing agent to eliminate a potential threat to data integrity called split brain. This issue occurs when servers in a cluster lose communication and begin changing the same data at that same time, causing data integrity issues.

The suite fencing mechanism automatically detects ‘split brain’ scenarios and interfaces with the Azure fencing agent to deactivate the secondary cluster node(s). This feature protects data integrity, and also saves customers money by eliminating the need to deploy and pay for an additional server for fencing capabilities.

Enhanced HANA application recovery kit speeds recovery time
The new suite enables 5x faster recovery of SAP HANA databases in the event of a failure. Enhancement to the firm’s application recovery kit (ARK) for SAP HANA improves RTO for both resource and application failures, by limiting the actions of the HANA quickCheck function and performing fast, efficient failover of operations to a standby server.

Added support for OS and application versions:
It also supports additional platforms and OSs, including: SUSE Linux Enterprise (SLES) 15.3, Oracle OS 8.4, and Oracle 21c db.

Protection Suite for Linux version 9.6 is available.

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