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R&D: Fine-Grained Control of Concurrency Within KV-SSDs

Experimental results show that KV-SiPC can better utilize available device bandwidth and increases application I/O throughput.

ACM Digital Library has published, in SYSTOR ’21: Proceedings of the 14th ACM International Conference on Systems and StorageJune 2021 proceedings, an article written by Janki Bhimani, Florida International University, Jingpei Yang, Samsung Semiconductor, Ningfang Mi, Northeastern University, Changho Choi, Samsung Semiconductor, Manoj Saha, Florida International University, and Adnan Maruf, Florida International University.

Abstract: The development of KV-SSDs allows simplifying the I/O stack compared to the traditional block-based SSDs. We propose a novel Key-Value-based Storage infrastructure for Parallel Computing(KV-SiPC)-a framework for multi-thread OpenMP applications to use NVMe-based KV-SSDs. We design a new capability to execute workloads with multiple parallel data threads along with traditional parallel compute threads, that allow us to improve the overall throughput of applications, utilizing the maximum possible storage bandwidth. We implement our KV-SiPC infrastructure in a real system by extending various processing layers (e.g., program, OS, and device layers) and evaluate the performance of KV-SiPC by using block-based NVMe SSDs in the traditional I/O stack as a baseline for comparisons. The experimental results show that KV-SiPC can better utilize the available device bandwidth and significantly increases application I/O. throughput.