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History (1997): Medea Founded by Stuart Mabon, Micropolis Founder and Then COB, President and CEO

To launch internal EIDE disk array VideoRaid

Medea Corp., in Westlake Village, CA, was founded in September 1996 by industry veterans Stuart Mabon, Micropolis’ founder and then COB, president and CEO until 1995, and Michael Anderson, principal engineer at Amperif, later with Micropolis for 9 years.

Medea has just publicly revealed its plan to launch VideoRaid, an internal EIDE disk array for Pentium PC-based videoediting systems, offering up to 16GB in a low-cost form factor, each base unit comprising 2 AV certified EIDE HDDs and internal RAID-0 controller.


This article is an abstract of news published on the former paper version of Computer Data Storage Newsletter on issue 111, published on April 1997.

Note: Medea and Storage Concepts Inc. (Tustin, CA), each designers and manufacturers of real-time disk storage subsystems, merged in 2001. The new company will now be called Medea Corporation. Mabon will remain CEO of Medea and Martin Bock, formerly president of Storage Concepts, will assume the position of president.