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IBM Block Storage-as-a-Service for FlashSystems

With flexible storage system priced based on actual capacity as it is consumed over time

IBM Block Storage as a Service for FlashSystems

IBM Block Storage as a Service (Block STaaS) provides clients with a flexible storage system that is priced based on the actual capacity as it is consumed over time. Ordering the Block STaaS solution is straightforward, and includes IBM lifecycle management services through the life of the term.

As clients continue to move to a hybrid cloud environment, managing capacity growth can become a challenge. Block STaaS assures that clients can have the capacity they require without having to over-purchase hardware. With a committed amount of base capacity purchased on an annual basis, coupled with variable consumption above that base capacity, clients have access to a nearly unlimited amount of space for the duration of the contract. Contract terms from 1 to 5 years are available, with the option to extend at the end of the term.

Three performance service-level objectives (SLOs) are available and are based on an I/O per second, per terabyte basis. Clients should analyze their workload requirements and determine which SLO they require. They should also request FC or Ethernet, whether or not they wish to utilize data encryption, which style of power distribution unit (PDU) cable is required, and their expected growth rate. All these parameters will help IBM determine the appropriate system to ship.

Key requirements
The following minimums must be included in the base commitment features:

  • 100TB for tier-3 systems (BTx models)
  • 50TB for tier-2 (MTx models)
  • 25TB for tier-1 systems (HTx models)

Planned availability date: September 30, 2021